What to take in vacation

What to take in vacation

В Таиланд самостоятельно       Gathering for the rest everyone of us, as a matter of fact, solves two vital issues on which we have tried to answer in this article. Certainly, we will not go deep and search for answers to questions: «Where to take money for rest?» Or «when me will let go on leave from work?». This article is directed to help those who considers last days to a departure in the hot country Thailand.

       Question № 1: Holiday yet has not begun, and the sum taken away on it already has started to decrease? How to be, if it is necessary to buy the camera, bathing accessories, and at a protection frame from the sun the period of storage has expired?
       The answer № 1: Exists it is unique-right decision: to minimise the expenses on the goods for travel, having used additional discounts.
To bypass shops in search of sales or to study sites, trying to discover actions, – the last century. Now, to use discounts for the necessary goods from different Internet shops.

       Question № 2: Tomorrow to leave, and suitcases are not collected? A situation the acquaintance much.
The ideal scheme of gathering in a trip is one week prior to holiday to create the document in the phone and to bring in it points which are remembered everywhere: in transport, in shop, on work, and coming home, every evening to put a thing on the list in a road bag. But so arrive not all. Also there is nothing terrible in stacking luggage last minutes before departure. The main thing – to forget nothing!
       The answer № 2: the Accurate recommendation should help to avoid superfluous bustle on apartment. The standard in this question, certainly, does not exist, as requirements at all different. Therefore looking at the list resulted more low, take from it only the things necessary to you.

– A beach bag;
– A road bag or a suitcase.
       Council: get a bag for luggage for couple of days before departure and be convinced that it will approach for the next trip. Check up working capacity of locks, mechanisms of sliding handles and castors. If something falls under doubt it is better to buy the new. It leaves cheaper, than to lose things from suddenly revealed suitcase.
Necessarily use luggage packing. To save on the given service it is possible if to buy a food film and to wind with it a suitcase independently.

Документы для въезда в Таиланд       Documents
In a separate handbag combine:
– The passport;
– Birth certificates of children;
– The driver’s licence (if a beret with itself);
– Documents on journey (tickets);
– The permit;
– Listing of the contract of the insurance of life and health of citizens (1st page).
Council: the handbag should be always near at hand therefore as quite often it is necessary to show to controllers tickets and identification cards.

– Tooth-paste and a brush;
– Means for shaving;
– Scissors;
– To girls – tweezers;
– Creams with protection against ultra-violet beams;
– Creams from burns, including solar.
Council: all can be bought it after the arrival into place, but quite often it is necessary to brush teeth in a way, and on a beach it would be desirable to run out right after settling in hotel. Agree, not at once it is possible to orient and find the necessary shop in unfamiliar district.
Yes, in Thailand, everywhere there are network little shops 7/11 or Family mart in which sell drinks, snack, means of hygiene and many other things. But people with a sensitive skin can not accept any of a cream from usual shops.

Дорожная аптечка      Medicine
– Contact lenses;
– Points for sight (including spare and with protection against the sun);
– Medicines, the inhalers accepted regularly (at a diabetes or an asthma);
– The individual, checked up medicines (for example, curing ointment from an allergy, under the name «only it helps»);
– A thermometer;
– Febrifuges;
– smecta, the activated coal and others against vomiting medicines and means from a diarrhoeia on a food poisoning case;
– Iodine;
– A plaster.
Council: except first four points, other medicines in the form of mixtures, tablets, ointments also are on sale in small network shops or in drugstores. However one business when with cough has reached shop and another when has fallen down with temperature or was taken by a stomach.

– Chargers from all devices which plan to take with itself;
– Devices for gymnastics of batteries from the chamber and the camera (separate line);
– Spare batteries for a videocamera;
– Additional flash cards for cameras;
– Covers for underwater shooting, objectives, lenses for cameras;
– A videocamera;
– The camera;
– Phone;
– A tablet or the laptop, in a case when it is really necessary;
– Adapters for gadgets;
– A portable support;
– A waterproof bag for digital devices as in Thailand tropical downpours can suddenly begin, and during sea excursion in it will become wet nothing.
Что брать в дорогу       Council: for economy of the battery on phone during a way do not play it in games, do not listen to music. During movement disconnect search of networks for cellular communication and search of accessible networks for Wi-Fi connections. Activate them only when it is necessary to call or being in a point with access to the Internet.
Always watch that phone was in working order and on balance there were enough means for call fulfilment.
Charge phone and the camera on the eve of excursion. Do not forget to release memory for new pictures in advance.
The hair dryer, the iron for a hair straightening, most likely, will be superfluous. High humidity does not allow packing to hold on longer a half an hour. If very much it will want to make a hairdress in Thai hairdressing salons it is possible to set hair for 200-300 bath, cost includes washing of a head with shampoo. Ordering photosession, all the same it is necessary to resort to services of professionals which usually work in one command with the photographer.

Собираемся в отпуск       Clothes and footwear
– Summer clothes;
– Summer footwear;
– Bathing suits and swimming trunks;
– A hat, a cap from the sun.
Council: do not type many things. Going to Thailand not in summer months (seasons coincide with Russian), combine shorts, a T-shirt and bedroom-slippers is closer, that it was easy to change clothes of winter clothes on an arrival for the airport of Kingdom Thailand or in the plane.


      Necessarily before holiday check up an expiry date Russian and if the trip abroad, foreign passports is planned.
       Check up dates and the data (First name, middle initial, last name), specified in documents on journey. Estimate, what is the time from arrival and before following departure at change.
Что взять с собой в Таиланд       Put money for different accounts and bank cards. Thus, it is possible to avoid risk to remain without money in a situation of theft or credit card loss, and also in a situation when banks block a card for its unapproved use abroad.
Be convinced that your surnames are not brought in lists of people by which it is refused departure from the country for non-payment of penalties, taxes, municipal and other services.
Scan or if there is no scanner, photograph the documents and send a skan-image to itself on e-mail. In case your documents will be gone, in embassy or in police it will be possible to show a copy that will help with restoration of the lost passport or will accelerate delivery of the time permission. Also in electronic form you should have insurance and tickets for journey.
Buying means for protection against the sun, pay attention to addition of spangles in its basis. If shining shine decorates the girl, its companion should do without a cream from sunburn.
Study district to which plan to go. Make the list of the most interesting sights which were to be visited.

       Add the list with the things and start on the journey.
       Have a good trip!