Wat Bang Riang Thailand

Wat Bang Riang Thailand

Храм со статуями Гуанинь и Будды в храме Ват Банг Рианг      The green hills covered with dense vegetation standing nearby from each other is a natural idea. The person has added this harmony, having arranged between them statues of gods. A temple a Wat Bang Riang – one more of the successful architectural decisions, executed with grandiose scope. Otherwise also could not be, if the ninth is involved in creation Rama IX.

      Occurrence of this sight in a province a Phang nga was necessary for 90th years of last century. Under decree Rama IX – the King of Thailand, in 1986 there has been begun building Wat Bang Riang. So the temple complex consisting of Chedi Rat Uppatham, a statue of the Buddha and a statue of Goddess Guan In was formed.

Ват Банг Рианг
      Near a spacious parking before an input on temple territory it is located by cafe with a smart kind in which it is possible to drink coffee and to use one of ten electric sockets providently located on columns on all perimetre. Being adjusted on the most interesting walk on a temple and its vicinities, allocate not less than two hours.

Холм Као Лан
      Temple Wat Bang Riang is executed in modern Thai religious style. Similarly Tiger Cave Temple, the Temple the Wat Bang Riang combines constructions not only the Thai Buddhism, but also Chinese. Elements are thought over to the smallest details and executed very skilfully.
Temple survey begins from an input where small lifting to a pagoda on both parties protect bright Are nude. Over an input in a temple there is an image of Garudy and the Kingdom Thailand emblem.
У входа в Храм Wat Bang Riang стоят Наги
      Chedi Rat Uppatham it is located on hill Khao Lan. An input inside not the free. For visiting Rat Uppatham there are certain rules. As well as in many temples of Kingdom Thailand, the footwear here should be left before an input in a sanctuary. And here the relation to clothes in a Wat Bang Riang more strict. Visitors should be dressed in the opaque attires hiding knees, shoulders and a decollete zone. That who has arrived here in shorts and a vest, for small payment will offer skirts and shirts of the universal sizes so visiting anyway will take place.

 Снимать обувь в Чади Рат Уппатам
      From street you get to a small hall. The wax monks sitting in a pose of a lotus on each side of the big statue of the Buddha, look is realistic. To the left of an input near a statue of one of esteemed Thai monks, it is possible to learn the future by means of sticks with numbers. It is necessary to shake well a narrow glass full of thin plates that one of them has dropped out. With a prediction it is necessary to take a leaf in a box at number, corresponding to number on the dropped out stick.

Чади Рат Уппатам Краби Почитаемый монах Ват Банг Рианг Где находится Ват Банг Рианг
      In an internal court yard it is possible to pass through street: on the left side from the first hall the input, on the right – an exit is located.
Around Smoke with hallows of the Buddha, the gallery with 60th gold statues of the Buddha is built. Before everyone there is a box for donations. Taking in hands a sack with coins, it is necessary to bypass on a circle and to put in everyone a box for donations on a money. There is a belief that if the desire thought in the beginning gallery has managed to remember in the end it will necessarily come true.
From different directions the hundred-metre mortar of Rat Uppatam is protected by giants of Jakshasy, a bird of Garuda, an elephant with three heads of Eravan on lions and other mythical heroes.

Галерея с Буддами Ват Банг Ранг  Трехглавый слон ЭраванОхранники великаны Якшасы
      The separate attention is deserved by a list on internal walls Smoke Rat Uppatham. These are colourful pictures with plots from life of the Buddha.
In the centre there is a closed room with ashes of the Buddha. From four parties there are small figures of the gold, emerald Buddha, and also executed of crystal.
Стены Чади Рат Уппатам
Храм в провинции Пханг Нга Внутри Чади Рат Уппатам
      Near to Smoke Rat Uppatham the arbour with which is located the kind on two other sights a Wat Bang Riang opens. Downwards conduct steps on which it is possible to go down and consider all at a short distance.
The Big statue of Guanin is most close located. Before her there is a small sculpture of Goddess Phra Ma Thorani sitting in the middle of an artificial reservoir.

 Богини Гуанинь и Пхра мэ Тхорани Храм Wat Bang Riang и Богиня Гуань Инь Что за храм с Гуанинь и Буддой
      On either side of the avenue conducting to the Big statue of the Buddha, there are Lions of the Buddha. Nearby also it is possible to see security guards-giants, a small statue of Phra ma Thorani, elephants. The sitting Buddha is represented under hood protection Is nude.
Большой Будда в Храме Ват Банг Рианг Богиня Пхра мэ Тхорани
      In territory of temple complex Wat Bang Riang is “kuti” – a premise for the monks who have arrived here for a short while for fulfilment of ceremonies of meditation and reflexions about life.

Кути на территории храма Ват Банг Рианг
Time of visiting of the Temple a Wat Bang Riang is limited with 6:00 mornings and to 16:00 evenings.
The donations left in the Temple, are welcomed with gratitude
Три Будды возле Ват Банг Рианг