View point and stupa at Chaweng

View point and stupa at Chaweng

Kao Hua Jook Pagoda Buddha Temple      Having a rest on Samui, on a beach a Chaweng you for certain will see highly on a mountain a Thai temple which is seen from different directions and in a fair weather shines gold colour in beams of the tropical sun. To reach it it is completely not difficult, as it seems at first sight. Many tourists simply do not find the road conducting to Kao Hua Jook Pagoda Buddha Temple, and the steepness of its lifting frightens for the further raising.

      Nevertheless, entrance to a pagoda is located near to lake a Chaweng. If to go or go along lake by Central Festival which will be to the right of you you leave on a ring. On it it is necessary to turn on the left and having passed some honeycombs of metres, on the right you will see flags and entrance on a Chaweng stupa. The angle of lead is overcome easily by the rented motorbikes, such as Click, Fino, Scoopy. The main thing not to be afraid and not to stop during lifting. If you all the same are not assured of the forces and power of the motorbike it can be left below and to rise on a pagoda on foot therefore as it is that costs.

Пагода на Чавенге

Ступа Чавенг колокольчики

      Above stupas the tremendous kind on lake a Chaweng, a beach and adjoining territories of Samui opens. Many photographers rise here to photograph the beautiful airport of the Samui, the flying up and coming in the land planes arriving from Bangkok, a Kuala Lumpur, a Hong Kong and other cities of the world. Flying planes this magnificent show, besides east part of a temple it is located in immediate proximity from an airport runway. In the evening all this kind is supplemented with the coming sun for a ridge of mountains of Samui, painting the sky in scarlet colour.

Монах на закате. Самуи Чавенг.

Вид на аэропорт Чавенг Самуи

      But this Buddhist temple Kao Hua Jook Pagoda Buddha Temple is well-known not only the beautiful kinds, in it store the print of the Buddha brought from India, besides it also an operating Buddhist temple.

Stupa co-ordinates: 9.537246,100.058831

Buddha footprint Чавенг Самуи

Молящийса монах на Самуи Чавенг