Travel on provinces of Surattani and a Nakhon Si Thammarat

Travel on provinces of Surattani and a Nakhon Si Thammarat

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Путешествие с ребенком18.01.2014г.

Day the first. Samui (Setran Ferry a Don Sak) – a plateau of Surattani in mountains (150 km).

The beginning of travel

Breakfast on an open deck of ferry Setran Ferry – a sure sign of the beginning of next our travel. To try it will foresee what – time waste. Any overestimated expectations, only ability to take pleasure from seen around.
During a sea trip, our son accompanied by one of parents, has time to make some detours of a vessel with bottom to a main deck. After an hour and a half ways, we are unloaded on a land and … have sent on errands!

Unexpected meeting

This time it has been to begin with decided to call in in a Don Sak of a province of Surattani. At least because from a pier, we took off at once on a motorway and never called in in settlement. The Don Sak has appeared an is traditional-Thai quiet town with constructions not above the third floor. We with the son quickly have found common language with smiling Thais while bought to it we send for a trip. Unforgettable «Ko-Ku-Ka» that at the Pasha means «Kop-Khun-Kap», has left kind memory of foreigners.
Our family has gone to this travel on the new big scooter – Honda Forza, therefore before long expensive the spouse has called in in Honda the centre to replace to an iron horse oil. Also it was necessary such to happen: having turned in a lane near “Honda”, we have met a family of owners, in combination teachers of school to which our son on Samui goes. It was really unexpected meeting!

Хонда Форза
We have made the choice

Everyone chooses a vehicle for the travel. Advisers here are not necessary. We went across Thailand with the child, since age 4 months, by cars of a class a sedan, a seven-seater minibass, a pickup, a midget car, on usual and on powerful scooters. The head wind and the unlimited review around is a choice of our family. If you consider that driving under the open sun, in a wind and during a rain create discomfort, and also square priests and the become numb extremities, the integral result of driving on a moped you are not ready yet to trips on the two-wheeled. Travel should be pleasant – efforts over themselves will spoil rest. So always make the choice, and do not try to repeat for someone that is unusual for you.

Отдых в Таиланде


Ahead – kilometres of an equal line. We leave all further, in depth of continent. By us cars are carried by, and we leave ourselves small scooters and loaded pickups.
The landscape consists of alternations of Thai constructions and jungle, there are bright temples and mountain peaks less often.
Almost all filling stations are equipped by a free toilet, cafe and little shops of a large network «7/11».

The international heat

Having strayed a little on Thai forks, to our look the wished at last has opened: a local hot well. First «hot spring» has seemed to us thrown. In territory was nobody, bathrooms empty, only one of three pools is filled by water, and on its surface leaves floated.

Хот спринг
      On the centre there is the huge well up to the top filled with hot water from a source, and from depth upward vials from time to time rise. From here on pipes water arrives in all tanks constructed for bathing in small territory of a complex.

Источники в Таиланде
      We had time to make already pair of pictures when the family of the local has approached: the father with three daughters. Two little girls are more younger have jumped in pool with hot water, and the man has purposefully gone to one of baths, has undressed to shorts and began to type water. With mineral water it accepted a bath duly: for a while fell to it on a neck, then got out, sat down on edge and waited for minutes ten before following immersing. Little girls infectiously cheerfully lapped in small pool. Jumping out of it everyone minutes twenty, they were washed under the crane with cold fresh water, ran to the father and then repeated procedure again.
The first on bathing tempted my boys. In a booth for disguise the Vitaly has replaced trousers with bathing swimming trunks and together with the son has come into water. Not for long I went round them with the camera. I should not be persuaded twice – after the first offer to join I fast it has changed clothes and has appeared near to them.
In these parts very seldom it is possible to see tourists. Two families – foreigners and Thais took a friendship bath. Such happens here not often. The international heat was accompanied by studying against each other and approving smiles. Our son froliced on the full. “Jumped” from a side, lapped, ran on pool, the blessing depth in it – to it on a breast. When we have finished, the sensation was, as after a bath: the skin breathes and on a body pleasant ease is felt.
Before departure Thais left with us on contact, having set the traditional: «Whe are you from?» And «What is your name?». Almost two years of life in Thailand grant to us is right to respond that we from Samui, for strongly inquisitive we specify that from Russia. To tell to Thais the name of the Russian city – only to drive them in a stupor. Not to go deep into a jungle, to respond “Moscow” easier. Not importunate

Минеральные ванны в Таиланде

Illusive falls

After a nourishing dinner and water procedures the Pasha was cut down, as soon as we have got under way. He has overslept all road to falls which we and have not found. Local sincerely tried to help us, directing that to one, in other party. The matter is that this district in mountains all is spotted by the rivers. In some places there are small steps. To such here to steps, height of metres five, we also left under their indexes. I do not doubt that somewhere it, certainly, is – the big, deep beautiful falls, but this time to stop the searches us has forced coming nearer evening. We should pass between mountains, to leave on a plateau and to find there a lodging for the night.

Кханом джунгли
      The road was not so much long, how many long on time. The gravijnaja road did not allow our heavyweight hond forza to speed up. While we passed by settlements, inhabitants of local houses had time to make out us. Anybody from them does not expect that on local roads of a province the Nakhon Si Thammarat here so easily will be passed by a family of usual tourists. Therefore, I believe, our defile on a motorbike which model is known while only in resort cities, became at least interesting event.
When the sun has disappeared behind mountains, we have stopped to put on more warmly. Has by passed the school bus. Having seen foreigners, in particular the small red-haired boy with an apple in hands, children together with the driver began to wave and shout joyfully “Hello!”


Supper in the company

We have approached on a plateau before dark. The sparsely populated point did not assume presence of restaurants or cafe. Everyone had supper behind a little table at the house. We were once again deceived, passing by the family which have settled down behind a street table.
At the nearest little shop we have decided to have a bite. In every tenth house was small Thai «shop» with the minimum set of products and a little table with shops. This day new impressions were not only at us, but also at Thais whom we have occurred in the path. It is literally through pair minutes children from the next houses have run together to look on the presents white at a foreigner. An attention maximum, as always, has got to the Pasha.
At parting we have made friendly photographing: we – them on the camera, they – us on phones and the crowd of children spent our family to a motorbike. Slightly “filled” we have gone to search for a lodging for the night.

Азиатские дети

Nature miracle

The mistress of “house” which you never will find on booking, has been surprised to our visit. Has shown us two small houses, has some times asked again, whether is exact we agree, and somewhere through a floor of hour after we have already definitively settled down, has dared to take from us money.
As soon as we were occupied, the rain has gone. So all has passed successfully! After the pasha has fallen asleep, we have settled down on a verandah. From lodgers more was nobody. Around – only nature sounds. At a small house where we have stopped, the pond is made. It has almost dried up and has grown with ooze. Outside the small frog has jumped out of water and has hung on a wall. Pads-suckers strongly kept it on a damp concrete surface. Then it has jumped on a plastic pipe sticking out of water and too has hung in vertically position. “Frog-betmen” – we summarised.


Day of the second. A plateau a Nakhon Si Thammarat – Khanom (220 km).

Where there live good-natured Thais

For the morning, having waited in sun bed, we have decided that it is time to rise. In a lunch zone us expected coffee. Around – the well-groomed territory, three more small houses were in a building stage. One minus which will not allow to stop here for a long time – absence of water heaters in a shower. Returning keys, I have heard from the mistress of times five «kop-khun kha». Here they ‐ innocent tourists, the present Thais.

Хостел в Таиланде
      Running forward, I will tell that we have found falls in this trip, but it was not here and not today.
When we have approached on a barrier on the way to falls, us have warned that because of a night rain the road is very dangerous to driving on a motorbike. There was already one incident in the morning. From falls the Thai by the car has left and too began to show negatively on our Forza. Having examined its wheels covered with a thick layer of a dirt, we have decided to recede.

По дорогам Таиланда
      A few having roamed on Thai paths, have found out the next hot well. The club nearby settled down. As soon as we have called in on parking, Thais began to look out of windows and doors. It has appeared that it is group of men and the women studying English language. Lately in these places foreigners began to visit even more often. Possession of English for many local is possibility to involve in itself of foreign clients. Naturally, they could not miss possibility to try the knowledge in life, to be trained on the present tourists. I with pleasure have responded. I too had an interest to practice of languages: first to communicate at level to the teacher of English, secondly, with local who while still poorly owns it to manage to speak Thai language.

Самые интересные места
      The meeting has passed very friendly, to us have suggested to have dinner and take hot baths from a source. Having thanked, we have asked to be photographed. For few seconds all with pleasure were grouped for the general photo and even have photographed us on the gadgets, in memory of dialogue with tourists from Russia. It would be desirable to hope that these smiling and generous people will remain still for a long time such. Similar meetings inspire me not less, than beautiful places! Unfortunately, to meet the Thais not spoilt by money, it is necessary to get all further into a solitude….

Много тайцев


One more local sight and pride of local residents – a cave. To it we were accompanied by a lovely Thai. Having approached to mountain, we have seen the narrow manhole conducting downwards. Though I also assured that with the child we have visited already many different caves, in this I have not dared to climb. To go down downwards the Vitaly has ventured only. While we expected it at an entrance in a rock, from a mink the small animal, half-metre at length has nearby run out. It was similar to our caress, only much more largely and is more fluffy, colour of its wool was bright yellow colour. While I have come round and have seized the camera, the animal has disappeared behind stones.
Explorer has told that in a cave there is the narrow pass conducting in the big hall, and two falls operating all year long. In December, during the season of rains, a cave close because of flooding. In May access to it is forbidden, therefore as the set of bats there lodges. All rest of the time the entrance in a cave is opened.
Doubted all to steam of seconds, the Vitaly has accepted the offer to pass further in depth of a cave. She can be visited strictly accompanied by the local guide. While the guide has approached, have appeared three more young guys who too have kept the company to my husband. Almost an hour later all of them have come to light. The clothes on them were wet as to a hall it was necessary to creep on the narrow pass half filled with water.
More to look in this district there was nothing, and we have gone further. On road we were a little taken by a rain. By the evening we have safely reached in Khanom.

Пещеры ТаиландаГде отдохнуть в ТаиландеКуда поехать в Таиланд


Day the third. Khanom – Samui (30 km).

As long we searched for you

Earlier we already visited in Khanom when two caves surveyed nearby. Then we together with new acquaintances from SPb have passed along one of streets to the sea, had dinner and have returned back, on Samui. Today we did not hurry up anywhere – ahead was all the day. Under the index have curtailed on road to falls and through some metres, having left a motorbike, have stepped in Thai jungle. The simple footpath went along the small river. Few times to us the kind on small steps with falling water opened. Metres through eight hundred through trees the falls have seemed. We left on stones and have seen it in all beauty.
Good fortune! Around not a soul, noise the waters which have been washed up in stones of a bowl with transparent water in which float small fishes, huge beautiful butterflies and a smart kind on falls. Above, where my husband has risen, there was a huge tank from which water downwards poured out. We have spent here all time. Did pictures. Sunbathed, bathed in cool transparent waters. It would not be desirable to leave for good! Easy hunger has forced us to look on hours.

Интересные местаПутешествие на байке по Таиланду
Водопады Таиланда
      Before road to a Don Sak have swept a little more along coast Khanoma. Left on a beach at large hotel to have a look on beautiful white lambs on waves. In end of travel it wanted to me to make some pictures which could transfer our mood.

Горящая путевка в ТаиландПляжи в Кханоме

Came, Pai, Dem

When I have seen index Setran Ferry on turn to ferries on islands of Samui and Pangan, at me to a throat have driven a lump. It was sincerely a pity to me that our travel has come to an end.
Came, Pai, Dem ‐ our son-polyglot has ordered in three languages, and we have gone down from the ferry.
Inspired by new ideas, we have come back home – on Samui!

*Трехдневное travel, from January, 18 till January, 20th, 2014, on a motorbike with the child on provinces of Surattani and a Nakhon Si Thammarat. Extent – 400 km.