To Thailand with the child. Food for children in shops of Thailand

To Thailand with the child. Food for children in shops of Thailand

Чем кормить ребенка в Таиланде       Careful parents, going on rest to Thailand, first of all think of a food of the fumes. The stereotype about Thailand as about the country with spicy kitchen and exotic fruit forces many if not to refuse from a trip at least to leave the child in Russia and to go for the first time on investigation.
Having come to be in a supermarket of any of resorts of Thailand, our compatriots understand that excessive vigilance has brought them. 

On shelves of shops it is possible to find any of a food for children from 0 and is more senior, and fruit practically does not cause any negative reactions of an organism. All remained rest of the father and mum reproach itself that have unfairly deprived the child of the sun, the sea and vitamins.

В Таиланд с ребенком      That it has not occurred to you, we recommend to familiarise with the information in our article. It is necessary to tell that the author – not the theorist in this question and stated is not only personal experience, but also experience of the numerous friends-compatriots who having a rest or have arrived on the permanent residence to Thailand with the child more low.
The first that surprises Russians, so this absence of children’s drinks, such, as water or juice. It at all does not mean that Thailand not developed country and has no concept about existence of elementary drink for children. You will be surprised, but potable water in bottles, no less than 100 percentage juice without preservatives, approach adults and children. To take these drinks it is possible all family without harm for health. They are on sale, and in large markets, and in small-network little shops «7/11» and «Family mart» which in Thailand meet continually.
A few having got used, the majority passes to the use of food from natural products. Having bought a blender at the price from 200 bath (without a bowl) and from 400 (with capacity), mummies carefully fray fresh fruit and vegetables to kids. Harmlessness of products here at anybody does not raise the doubts. The announcement from the compatriot who cannot already sell two years the minidevice for food check on radiation and pesticides, – direct to volume acknowledgement. 

Таиланд детские смеси      To admirers of half-finished products or the holiday-makers who have taken place in numbers without kitchen, it is necessary to go to large network shops of Thailand of type Big C, TESCO Lotus behind any jars and boxes with ready baby food. On regiments of shops children’s dairy mixes from «0» (is even on the goat milk for kiddies with intolerance of lactose), dry porridges, fruit and vegetable mashed potatoes in jars and cookies nurseries are exposed. However, the choice of manufacturers is modest enough: porridges basically from Nestle, mashed potatoes from Heinz.
For children whom yet do not send on adult food, local and foreign manufacturers offer the following assortment of mixes: Nestle NAN (in boxes or banks), Nestle Bear Brand, Nestle Carnation, Danon Dumex, Wyeth Nutrition.Детское питание

     To children is more senior on a choice wheaten and rice children’s porridges from Nestle Cerelac and Baby Natura and porridges (only from Nestle Cerelac) are exposed. Besides milk, their structure can include fruit, vegetables and fish, for example: an apple, a banana, an orange, a strawberry, a pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots, a salmon and other components. The assortment is presented depending on age of the child. For convenience of parents it is specified on a forward part of a box in the form of figures, for example «6 +» or «12 +».
To cook porridges from groats it is possible also. One only rice in Thailand the set of kinds is on sale. Always available oat-flakes, corn, a string bean, a soya, and here to a decoy, a buckwheat and millet in separate areas of Thailand it is necessary to look, but it is possible to find truth at inflated prices.

Детское пюре      As to children’s mashed potatoes it is presented in the form of berry, fruit, vegetable. Is a little meat, but during its high season assort as hot pies. In the latter case on a gain the wonderful blender can come again: buy ready boiled meat of a hen or pork which are on sale continually, crush and to satiety feed the child tasty mashed potatoes of house preparation.
Well here. With a great bulk of products have understood. The turn has reached milk.
Йогурты ТаиландMilk, drinking yoghurts and yoghurts in glasses here is a lot of both in big, and in small shops. With other products it is hardly more difficult. Cheeses in assortment – expensive, are on sale in large shops, including MAKRO, or small specialised dairy or in the European groceries. Behind kefir, sour cream and cottage cheese it is safely possible to go to dairy shops or in Russian restaurants. Similarity are swept away is and in supermarkets, search near to yoghurts of a jar with an inscription sour cream. On it the assortment of dairy production comes to an end.

Детское печенье     

For a dessert, besides abundance of fruit, in hypermarkets it is possible to buy children’s cookies. Prepared for kids, it melts in the mouth, therefore to the child he should not be chewed, and it will not choke with it.
If to arrive here for a short while, under the permit, and to take place in hotel it is possible to manage restaurant services. On kitchen for the kid will cook tasty rice soup with a hen or soup with noodles, rice, fried with vegetables and a hen or pork, boiled rice with what will wish: fish, a hen, a duck, pork, beef too in a boiled kind without spices. Will prepare for your child a neosystem a dish for Thais in pleasure. To street small restaurants sometimes there is a miss, and the dish ordered by you can appear spicy. That it has not occurred, ask obviously dishes without pepper, for example, that has been listed above, and specify that it for the child. Or buy meal in Food core are the centres of meal located in any Big C, TESCO Lotus.
The meal from restaurant, Thai cafe or prepared in house conditions from fresh products will necessarily do good to your child. So if to go possibility was presented to Thailand with the child safely go to you.
 Good rest, equal sunburn and pleasant to you of impressions of rest in Thailand with a family!