Tiger Cave Temple. Wat Tham Sua

Tiger Cave Temple. Wat Tham Sua

Тигровая пещера Краби      The temple complex a Tiger Cave is not most ordinary and fine place from all Buddhist temples of a Krabi. The best, than any of man-made sights of Thailand can surprise all, is collected here: mysterious architectural structures, statues to deities of different religions, temples and cells of monks equipped directly in caves, a smart kind on a province of a Krabi from height of the bird’s flight and many other things. Tiger Cave Temple leaves nobody indifferent. 

      Than admires the Temple «the Cave of a tiger» and why he necessarily should be visited? The answer should be begun with history of occurrence of a Tiger Cave.
Пещера Тигра изнутри
      In ancient times from the nearest woods in a cave the tiger often visited. It came here in search of a cool, disappearing from the scorching sun, also this grotto served in a rock for it as a refuge and a place for a dream. Sometimes, walking at a cave, the tiger published a furious roar, audible all around. Often it has been caused by arrival to wood of local residents which were engaged in collecting and hunting in this country.

Храм Пещера Тигра
      The little later, in 2518 B.E. (Since a year of leaving of Buddha Gautamy in a nirvana) or in 1975 A.D. (A.D.), the main monk Tiger Cave Temple honourable Luangpor Jumnean Seela Settho has headed group of Buddhist monks and nuns. Together they have lodged in this cave to practise Drachma and to live in a nature environment. The animal migrated in a direction of ridge Phanom. Since that time in this district anybody is more and never saw a tiger.Тигровый храм КрабиИзумрудный Будда Краби История тигровой пещерыМонеты на счастье
      In memory of its stay in these edges, statues of tigers, as in a cave, and outside where the tiger liked to walk have been established.
Храм Пещера Тигра Территория Пещеры Тигра Храм Пещера Тигра ночью
      Wat Tham Sua (Wat Tham Seua, Wat Thamsuea or Wat Tham Suea) did not remain without attention of wild animals. In neighbouring woods there live many monkeys who quite often go down to people in hope to extract something tasty.Обезьяны на Краби
      Caves, animals, monks … it is possible, these stories still have not impressed someone. But after all and the story about Tiger Cave Temple on it yet does not come to an end.
Скелет Кита
      The territory at an entrance in the Cave of the Tiger became a place where 100-metre Chedi and numerous statues of deities have taken place. To general surprise in a Thai Buddhist temple complex figures of Gods not only the Thai Buddhism, but also Chinese adjoin. Moreover, here it is possible to see sculptures sacred a Hinduism and a Taoism that is absolutely unexpected and it is inexplicable. For example, Budai or the Hotei – the character of the Chinese Buddhism, Ganesha – an elephant of the Indian mythology, Ji Gong – Taoist sacred, and the Chinese goddess Guanin (Guan Yin) also has at all received separate pavilion.

Чеди на КрабиЦзи-гунТайские храмы на КрабиВат Тхам Сюа Гуань Инь
      But there is more to come. Walking on the area it is possible to meet beautiful dragons, a tree with gold leaves for monetary gifts, the huge sizes a gong and even the plane!Драконы Краби fontany-krabi Золотое дерево Гонг в ТаиландеИнтересное в Краби
      The footpath which leaves along a ridge, will deduce by small falls to numerous interesting caves in which there live monks.
Водопады Краби

Горы КрабиГроты и пещеры Краби
      After a sightseeing tour at a ridge foot it is time to open, at last, the main intrigue and to tell about a sanctuary at mountain top. To it conduct exactly 1237 steps. The bottle of water and the camera should accompany a way only. It is better to put on that will not fly from a foot, but also will not allow to feet to mist over, since on the top platform it will be necessary to take off footwear. Open sandals and barefoot persons – the best variant. Just in case grasp with itself a replaceable T-shirt.

 Ват Тхамсыа
      Steps in places narrow, and different in height. In usual rate it is possible to rise upward for half an hour. But it is necessary to recognise, what exactly passage of a ladder up to the end, is remembered more than other sights of a Krabi. Not this way is given to all easily, but having risen upward, everyone receives huge feeling of self-satisfaction of that all has turned out. And for many is also opening of the latent possibilities, check on durability and endurance.1237-stupeneyВат Тхам Сыа
      At height of 600 metres the big statue of the Buddha is above sea level established. On each side there are two more platforms. On one the gold mortar and the tablet «600 metres above sea level», on another – group of small statues of the Buddha against mountains, bells and a figure of Ganesha is located
Ват Тхам Суа Ступа на Краби Высота 600 метров
      From any of platforms the smart kind on a province of a Krabi and rocks standing nearby opens. If to be more exact, the rare bird flies at such height. Standing on the top, it is unusual to observe of flight feathery looking at them from top to down. The top and a kind from it are fine in any weather and at any time: whether it be it is cloudy or a rain, evening or even night.

Комплекс Храм Тигра вид сверхуВид на Краби днемОзеро, храмы Краби Пасмурно Краби Дожди на Краби
      Вид на заходящее солнце не описать словами, это надо только видеть.Вид на вечерний Краби Вечерний Краби
To dispel last doubts the information that lifting can be planned for the evening will help: in hot days the ascension is better for beginning hours about five. Someone will please that at this time monkeys already go to sleep. Such campaign solves at once two problems – to go in an evening cool much easier, and above a bonus it is possible to get on evening representation: a sunset. Steps and all territory of complex Wat Tham Sua are well highlighted in a night-time, therefore to lower completely not terribly. Besides, in the bottom of hours to eight in a temple monks and parishioners sing prayers to the Great Buddha, which can be found if to return by this time. The only thing that it is necessary to consider – an entrance in a cave by the evening is closed, therefore detour should be begun with it.

Вид на Краби Вид на ночной КрабиБудда КрабиСамолет Краби
      To people who were a number and have not visited Wat Tham Sua, having been frightened of an ascension and wild monkeys, it is necessary only to sympathise and wish to arrive next time here not with excursion, and accompanied by the individual guide who will competently distribute time and together will pass on all complex of the Temple «Cave of the Tiger» (Tiger Cave Temple |Wat Tham Sua) thanks to what visiting will pass easier, more interesting and will leave pleasant memoirs.

Гора с Буддой