The mummified monk on Samui

The mummified monk on Samui

Мумия монах Сумаи
The mummified monk – has died or has left in a nirvana?

This sight in temple Wat Khunaram causes ambiguous reaction in tourists. Someone refuses flatly it to visit, others on the contrary, try to make out even that is hidden from extraneous eyes. Probably, having learnt more about an origin of the mummified monk (it still name the dried monk), visitors will like the big respect for this spiritual place.
Existence of a mummy of Luang Pho Daenga symbolises a victory of spirit over a transitory body and is inspiration for followers of Buddhist doctrine in Kingdom Thailand.

      For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that on Samui not one mummified, | the dried monk. However temple Wat Khunaram is the most known sight, including among tourists. The majority of excursions on island include visiting of this monastery.
Loung Dang Piyasilo was born on island of Samui in 1894. Since small years he was interested in religion and already in twenty became the monk at temple Wat Samret.
In Wat Samret it has served two years and subsequently has returned to wordly life. By fifty years it had wife, children, and he has managed to achieve respect. But in 1944 Dang has again replaced burdens of wordly existence with a peaceful life at a monastery.
Many years he reflected on the Buddhism, read the religious literature and practised meditation. Thus Loung Dang searched for possibility of comprehension of true, and as ways to an enlightenment. In the life it even has based a temple on Chaweng Wat Pang Bua where long time was the prior.

Луанг Пхо Даенг Самуи      The monk has returned to a native home at respectable age. Become well-known, it trained novices and preached much. On the eve of the death, for two months, it has predicted exact date of the death, having informed its followers. Loung Dang has asked the pupils that after his death, in a case if the flesh will start to decay, they cremated remains and at a crossroads of three roads have dispelled ashes. Expecting the mummification, the monk also has instructed what to do with its body: it is necessary to place it in a sarcophagus from glass for a public review. Thus, the respectable monk hoped to serve as inspiration for young monks and the laymen, wishing to follow to Buddhist doctrine.
One week prior to date of death Loung Dang has plunged into meditation, having refused food intake and water, took a silence dinner. It did not become 5/6/1976 It remained in the same pose, as today. Followers assert that Loung Dang has left in a nirvana. Despite a local climate and not tight sarcophagus, its body here 30 years does not decay, and on a head there was a few hair.
Being sight for tourists, it is the present relic for Buddhists!
Having walked on territory of temple complex Wat Khunaram, you will see sculptures of the Buddha and monk Loung Dang, church school, and also a boat in which monks and parishioners pray.
Traditional ceremonies can be made near the Pagoda before which the sarcophagus of the dried monk is placed.
Monks will sprinkle wishing by holy water and will tie a string-ward on a hand, having accepted in the form of gifts a denomination face value in 20, 50 or 100 bath. As, here it is possible to throw coins in a box opposite to a figure with the Buddha personifying day of week in whom you were born. The same who wants to learn the future, the glass with sticks and under number specified on a stick can shake, to find and read a prediction.

Ват Самрет Самуи      Leaving complex Wat Khunaram, stop at a singing gong and try to take a sound. For success it is necessary to observe following recommendations: clear the hands with soap and water the bucket with which stands nearby. Do not touch with all palm, only a tip at fingers quickly start to rub on a ledge in the middle. On a gain the Thai child can come – weaken a hand and dare to help. At children it turns out perfectly well. The longer and more lingeringly the sound, the is more than good luck to you will accompany!

Co-ordinates of the dried monk: 9.450168,100.000571