The Laem Sor the Pagoda (Lameso Pagoda) Samui

The Laem Sor the Pagoda (Lameso Pagoda) Samui

Lameso Pagoda      If you have arrived on island of Samui, an obligatory place for visiting Lameso Pagoda. The pagoda (in Thailand it names Chedi) is located far from the basic tourist routes, therefore it is not included in the majority of the excursions offered on island. The Laem Sor the Pagoda is on cape between beaches Thong Krut and Bang Kao and to reach Chedi it is possible on a motorbike or the car on southern road of 4170 islands of Samui. If to go in I will shift beach Taling Ngam turn will be on the left towards the sea with collars and the index. On the right opposite to departure by a reference point the stone scaffold can serve. For GPS gadgets you can hammer co-ordinates 9.412336,99.969556.

      But than the Pagoda is well-known and remarkable the Laem Sor? Let’s remember history of occurrence Lameso Pagoda a little.

Пагода Лаем сор

      During the period with 1903 for 1904 respectable monk Prakru Piboon Thammasan was with pilgrim mission on Sri Lanka which he has headed. On the termination of mission he has brought to Thailand on island of Samui a part of hallows of the Buddha.

In 1908 after long civil work of power have been put in the basis of Chedi (Buddha Jaydee) on a mountain.

Чеди Будда на Самуи

      In 1968 because of strong thunder-storms and lightnings the respectable monk Luang Phor Daeng which mummy, by the way, is in temple Wat Khunaram, the decision to transfer hallows of the Buddha downwards in Lameso Pagoda which has been for this purpose constructed on April, 27th, 1972 was accepted.

Пагода Lameso в Таиланде

      In 1973 of power of the Buddha nevertheless have been back transferred in Buddha Jaydee after its restoration under the direction of monk Somdet Kaew Up-Seno from monastery Srakaet and mister Tongdii Hunkunara at support of department of Culture and Art.

Желтый цвет монахов

      Near to the Laem Sor the Pagoda is still interesting pavilion with an artificial mummy of monk Prakru Piboon Thammasan – founder Chedi. Which was lost in 1976 at ship-wreck and in memory of it have made its shape, sitting on a boat in an environment of the numerous ships.

Co-ordinates of the Laem Sor: 9.411738,99.96902

Мумия монаха на юге Самуи