The best fishing on Samui

The best fishing on Samui

Хорошая рыбалка на Самуи      The island of Samui is located in gulf of Siam the South Chinese sea of silent ocean and certainly here does not do without fishing. Up to 1970 it there was an isolated fishing island with several Thai settlements of fishermen without a sufficient infrastructure and roads. Now the second-large tourist island of Thailand after Phuket and local fishermen with pleasure carry Samui on tourist fishing.

      Many travel companies offer under their statements the best fishing on Samui, but I want to tell to you about a place checked up on a private experience repeatedly. It not collective departure in the sea, and an individual approach. I already described a snorkeling on the Samui, offered by local enterprising fishermen, and probably that besides walks to coral reeves they arrange day and night fishing.

Порыбачить на Самуи

Где порыбачить на Самуи

      Except Thai boats the owner of cafe and the organizer of fishing has a high-speed boat (speed boat) with two hundred strong engines yamaha. In this connection there is a choice between night or day fishing on a speedboat or a Thai boat.

Арендовать спидборд для рыбалки

      Basically the fishing location occurs to the south of islands Ko Tan, Ko Madsum and to coast Khanoma waters. On supervision of Thais the best fishing on Samui will be in a phase of the dark moon and light, pure sea water. It is possible to catch as trolling larger fish, and on a fishing tackle.

Лучшая рыбалка на Самуи

Ловля барракуды на Самуи

      Fishing cost on a speedboat from 5000 to 6000 bath, on “longtail” 3000-4000 bath for a boat. In the presence of the big company it turns out rather not expensively, and having fished it is possible also is tasty to have supper.

Рыбалка на Самуи недорого

Co-ordinates of a pier of fishermen: 9.42002,99.957339