Thailand – the country of contrasts

Thailand – the country of contrasts

Новый год в Таиланде     Thailand – the country of contrasts – a phrase familiar to all. I would like to share the impressions about contrasts in comparison with our country. As it is known, Thailand is much more close to equator. Other climate – is not present snow.

New year.

Thanks to the geographical position, even during the most cool season average temperature of air 25С (from November till February). Therefore the meeting of new year passes at them on seacoast, under palm trees and in shorts. On a scene instead of Snowflakes Papuans with torches dance, instead of the Snow Maiden and Father Frost public is entertained by transvestites. And tipsy having a rest jump not in a snowdrift, and in the sea. Near hotels for Europeans put fur-trees from the straw, covered with a silver paint. As ridiculously they look in Thai heat!


«No spicy» – (without spices) the first phrase before the meal order! If the Thai says to you that meal slightly spicy, do not trust: that for the Thai hardly, for the European a fire. Otherwise, as in a joke – I have deceived the taxi driver: has paid and has not gone – you also risk to pay and not to eat.
There is familiar fruit unusual tastes: the guarantor – sweet, a strawberry – sour, and eat it, dipping in salt. Flowers smell as smoked products and everywhere a proof “flower” smell. The fruit fruit outwardly similar to a garlick head (mangosteen) has very gentle sweet-sour taste. And their King of fruit (durian) – is forbidden for bringing in public places, in hotel, aboard the plane because of very caustic is sweetish-rotten smell. Here to you and “king”!

Фрукты Таиланда


Roads ideal. Even on islands. Any hole. Any civil work on roads. In outcome capital three-level. Transitions elevated. Informing of drivers through electronic boards with on-line the information on stoppers in the nearest streets, about a direction of road which changes depending on congestion on roads is organised. Movement link sided. Right-hand drive cars. And already Japanese, Korean cars look naturally, and here Mercedeses, Volvo, BMW with the right wheel to see unusual. On lattices of cars – bunches of flowers. The main rule on road – to concede. As a result of any beaten car has not got. If there is a sign «parking is forbidden», on mile round cars is not present! Workers of road patrol service it is not observed. And truth what for if nobody breaks? And that it can become profitable business, to it anybody yet has not told. Thais appreciate silence – cars do not hoot, music in columns does not shout, roaring mufflers are not present.Цветы на бампере машины


Smile always, all and everywhere. Are emotionally constrained. Communicate very silently. Also eat always and everywhere. On slightly, but it is frequent. Meal offer continually. Do not row, relations in public do not find out. Do not smoke. For two weeks saw all one drunk Thai. Love and esteem the King and his family and, certainly the Buddha. Small houses of spirits face each input (not very well in office or in the house). Dwellings terrible, and people accurate. Service unostentatious. The main thing if you do not know about what to you chirp, not to nod it, differently it is possible not to notice that to you have started to do a pedicure or massage, having decided that you have agreed. Massage salons last to the coast. A pedicure I offer directly на пляже.Домики для духов Таиланд


House cats – in cages. With fish each pool teems literally! Elephants Indian. Monkeys friendly. If you with a tiger in a cage you also pay for it. With snake poison do not poison, and restore health, strengthen immunity.
Six-hour video, weight of impressions, souvenirs and natural sunburn in the middle of winter became result of a trip. And it costs long road by three planes in one party thanks to which we have got acquainted and with capital of China covered with a smog and the Chineses, moving groups. Change in Beijing has allowed us to see size of the airport constructed to the Olympic games then we had an impression that it built to exhaust sportsmen already on an arrival to China.

Аэропорт Пекин

      All was excellent! Visit Thailand, and the island that life has seemed to the paradise is better!

In an impression blog about a trip on Samui with a short stop in Bangkok: 12/26/2009-10.01.2010