Thai coffee

Thai coffee

Выращивают тайский кофе      I not not so love coffee, but going to school in Thailand, our teacher of Thai language comes from northern Thailand and arrived on Samui on earnings very much was surprised that we heard nothing about Thai coffee. Then he to us with ecstasy told about coffee manufacture in Thailand, about its sated both rich taste and aroma, and in his words genuine pride of domestic mark sounded.

      And here after time, I have stopped on one of refuellings Esso in a Krabi to wash the motorcycle, located in immediate proximity from a monument to a crab. My motorbike was accepted by the washerman and smiling has shown the little shop where I can have a rest, whiling away time in expectation of a sink. Having opened a door of his institution, to me the filling smell of the prepared natural coffee and coffee grains has there and then reached. The cafeteria interior all kind shouted that coffee here like not only to drink and prepare, but also appreciate its manufacture in Thailand.

Тайский кофе в провинции Краби

Зерна тайского кофе в Краби

Зерна черного тайского кофе

Кофе в Таиланде Краби

Зерна черного кофе из Таиланда

      With pleasure having drunk a cup of the best fragrant fresh Thai coffee for 40 bath in pleasant conditions and having made photo pair, I have paid off for a motorbike sink in a Krabi for the sum 80 bath and have left with good mood.

Мойка байков и машин в Краби

      In the evening, having studied the made photos, I have climbed in the Internet and have established the manufacturer of Thai coffee – Plantation and farm design (Thailand) Co., LTD under a brand name Banrie Coffee. The office is about Nongkwaiso 31 Moo 6, Nongsang, Saraburi 18170. A recognised emblem of the manufacturer – a cup of hot coffee with a fragrant smoke proceeding upwards. To try Thai coffee it is possible at various gasoline stations across all Thailand that I and have made on refuelling Esso in a Krabi.

Тайский производитель натурального кофе

Эмблема и символ тайского кофе

Магазины и кафетерии тайского кофе

Pleasant to you of day!

Yours faithfully, Vitaly.