Temple Wat Sila Ngu on Samui. Temples of Thailand.

Temple Wat Sila Ngu on Samui. Temples of Thailand.

Достопримечательность Ват Сила Нгу на Самуи      Temple Wat Sila Ngu – unusual sight of Samui. Often enough there are Temples of Thailand which cardinally differ from others. And so Wat Sila Ngu concerns their number and it is worthy to allocate it in separate sight of island.

      Despite a status of not finished building, a red temple on Samui already it has had time to be fallen in love to visitors and inhabitants of an islet. All have got used to see it in such not completed, unpainted kind. For certain anybody to itself even cannot present Wat Sila Ngu to another.
Храм wat sila ngu на Самуи
      Probably, the highlight of a temple Wat Sila Ngu  just also consists that it completely red colour. It is colour of clay of which not only the building is constructed, but also all decor is manually moulded.
Volume figures decorate «the Red temple» not only outside. The most interesting is inside. On walls of a huge hall for prayers masters create the volume pictures narrating stories from the Buddhist writing. The gold statue of the sitting Buddha is in the middle established.

Храм Ват Сила Нгу на Самуи
      Visiting of complex Wat Sila Ngu on Samui does not come to an end with a temple survey. Near to a red temple there is a huge tree of spirits. On left side there is gilt Chedi with a part of hallows of the Buddha which is object of worship of pilgrims and local residents. Downwards to the sea from it the ladder conducts, its handrail is made in the form of slipping huge snakes.

Красный храм на Самуи
      In territory of a red temple Wat Sila Ngu  there is an open arbour with a sea kind on a beach of Hua Tanon. In its shade it is possible to have a rest and be photographed for memory of Samui.
The red temple is at a ring road, therefore its visiting is very convenient within the limits of a sightseeing tour on Samui. But, despite it, in territory Wat Sila Ngu there are not enough people, silently also there are no dealers that too pleasantly distinguishes it from other sights of Samui.

Temple co-ordinates: 9.451208,100.030858