Sights of island of Samui

Sights of island of Samui

 Остров Самуи
      To tell that Samui the beautiful island – means not to tell anything. It is capable to surprise even those who comes here to holiday any more for the first time. Constantly developing infrastructure does from year to year its more and more attractive, including for the most exacting tourists.
The island of Samui is paradise for having a rest!

      Unlike other known resorts of Thailand, holiday on island of Samui has still kept the originality. There are in its territory whole settlements where is not present either hotels, or country houses, and so, and tourists. The attendants in hotels, restaurants or shops communicate peacefully, favouring visitors a sincere smile.
Territorially the island shares on beaches: a Chaweng, Lamais, Bophut, a Nathon and other. They are occupied non-uniformly that allows visitors to make a choice where to lodge – in places for parties or in poorly populated areas.

Ват Плай Лаем на Самуи

      Fantastic on the beauty numerous temples are opened for parishioners irrespective of religion. Good-natured monks are ready to make a ceremony, on good luck to any interested person. For small gifts in territory of temples it is possible to get attributes for Buddhist Gods: fragrant sticks, candles, flowers and colour water. Many places during holiday on Samui will seem that are impregnated by spirit of centuries-old religion from what the island seems even more beautifully.
Opening for itself new places and sights of Samui, you understand that the island conceals more many surprises. It only at first sight seems that, having visited the Big Buddha, Wat Plae Laem, the dried monk and falls Namuang to do here there is nothing more. It is necessary to pass in depth of island as before a look beautiful temples and statues of the Buddha (New Buddha Samui open), the magic garden (magic garden Samui), zodiac signs, arbours with a view of the sea, equal numbers of rubber trees, boundless palm plantations and is a lot of still the interesting. That who likes to do independently opening, on island will than be engaged.

Парк с животными Самуи      Except sights and landscapes, on island of Samui there is Paradise farm with animals and birds (paradise farm Samui), a zoo with tigers (tiger zoo Samui), an oceanarium with sea lions (tiger zoo Samui), gardens of butterflies (butterfly garden Samui), walks on elephants (elephant trekking Samui), and as traditional for Thailand of show with snakes, with crocodiles and with elephants (snake and crocodile show Samui).
Sea entertainments of different kinds will be pleasant, and with the interested person simply to have fun, and to fans of an extreme. Besides, from island suggest to make excursions to the nearest islands – the Ko Tan, a Ko Tao, a Ko Phangan and in national park Ang Tong.Острова Самуи

Садики Самуи

      The child parents I can attach in kindergartens, schools or in game rooms. Russians living on island quite often offer the services of the nurse. Gardens for children are with payment on days, for a month or for a semestre, and also with day, evening and even the night form of stay.
Holiday on Samui will be brightened up by entertaining institutions, such as Green Mango, Ark Bar, mulen ruj, working on island all-the-year-round. The set of bars, pubs and discos sate night life of island. Billiard tables in them are free for visitors. Purchase of a small bottle of beer Chang, Singha, Leo or a glass of Thai rum a Sang Som in a bar allows to start game. Each bar respecting has on hand tables for billiards without dependence from area, will not find therefore free a problem.
As well as on any resort of Thailand, on island of Samui it is possible to visit show of transvestites. Performance of actors of cabaret – a bright, colourful show without erotic scenes.
Continually here massage salons are located. The prices about identical from 200 to 300 bath so it is possible to use services of the masseur both on a beach, and in any other place. Versions amaze imagination: along with traditional Thai massage, there are massages by hot stones or grassy sacks.
In SPA salons do masks, a peeling and an other set of services. It is possible even to make SPA fish. Aquariums with small fishes into whom dip feet for a peeling, meet in any foot street. If there is a desire to lie down in pool with gluttonous small fry it will manage to be made only in SPA the centre on a Chaweng (doctor fish Samui).

Еда Самуи

      With meal in holiday on island of Samui too problems are not present. Everywhere restaurants with kitchen almost all countries of the world, shops and snack. In the markets and in shops on sale fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. Networks of supermarkets Tesco Lotus, Big C, Macro on Samui are supplied by wide assortment of products and other goods.
The population is rendered by the services of hospital, a drugstore of Samui and optics (Bangkok Samui hospital, Samui International Hospital, Morya pharmacy samui). In a laundry will wash and will stroke things for 40-50 bath/kg. For self-service washing machines from 30 bath/loading are everywhere established.
The island review never will be full. It is impossible to capture all spectrum of services, entertainments within the limits of one article and to list sights of Samui. Only falls here an order of 11 pieces. One it is possible to tell for certain: whether you will arrive to holiday on Samui behind new impressions or to roll about on a beach, you necessarily receive that wanted!