Samui the Grandmother and the Grandfather (Rocks Hin Yai and Hin Ta)

Samui the Grandmother and the Grandfather (Rocks Hin Yai and Hin Ta)

Хин Та и Хин Яй на Самуи

      Stone Hin Yai and Hin Ta – the Grandmother and the Grandfather, whose they relatives?

The answer to this question can be found in a legend how the two people who have gone by a boat, have got to a storm and have suffered ship-wreck. A wave them has taken out to coast of Samui. So, on fine island there were first inhabitants. Their descendants & aboriginals of local places, consider this pair as the primogenitors – the Grandmother and the Grandfather.
But it only one of legends about this mysterious place. And here about what narrate others.

      Very long time ago lived-were Hin Ta Kreng (Grandfather Kreng) and Hin Yai Riem (Grandmother Riem). Also there was at them a unique son. And as time has come to it to marry, so parents have found to it the girl and have decided it to marry off. They have sat down in a boat and have floated on the sea from the province Nakhon Sri Thammarat in province Prachuap Khiri Khan, where a vein the future bride.


Хин Та и Хин Яй легенды

      Nearby to island of Samui the whole gale which has turned a boat has fallen upon them, and older persons were lost. The bodies cast ashore, have turned to stones meaning that their intentions were pure.
In other legend it is mentioned only older persons which have lived all life in love and fidelity and have died in one day, during ship-wreck at coast of Samui. Their bodies have turned to the rocks symbolising female and a machismo.
But the strangest legend which leaves more questions, than answers, the story about two enamoured which have rushed to the sea is, without having received blessing from the parents. Stones Hin Yai and Hin Ta which have appeared on that tragical place, serve as a reminder that the love should be protected and appreciated. But then why boulders did not name “Young man” and “Girl”?
After all these legends it is difficult to present, with what they should be – Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks (Hin Yai and Hin Ta). For the uninitiated person this place – only a rocky sea landscape. Then in what its uniqueness?

Интересные места на Самуи

       It is a question of huge boulders of the freakish form. The outlines they remind man’s and female genitals. The unusual joke of the nature became one of the most visited sights of Samui. Guys and girls like to arrange here creative photosessions. Not man-made stone sculptures from tourists do not leave anybody indifferent.
Nearby there is a small bay with a beautiful sand on which it is pleasant to sit and behold all event around. It is possible to settle down on warm stones directly on a plateau in the evening, to observe the sun which sits down mountain, or for the crabs escaping from waves.


      Despite crystal-transparent water, it is undesirable to bathe here because of set of stones and presence of waves. Moving on boulders, also it is better not to neglect elementary rules of care – in places stones can be slippery so it is not necessary to make jumps and on descents-liftings try not to slide.
On both sides of a small street which conducts from a ring road to rocks Hin Ta and Hin Yai, little shops and shops are located. The local assortment almost differs nothing from other places – all same souvenirs, cosmetics, clothes, drinks and meal. Perhaps, the only thing that it is possible to see on sale mainly only here so it is local sweets «galamae». This coconut caramel to try easier, than to try to describe or present its unusual taste. So necessarily buy on test!

Co-ordinates of the grandmother and the grandfather: 9.452533,100.03931