Samui BIG BUDDHA – Wat Phra Yai

Samui BIG BUDDHA – Wat Phra Yai

Биг БуддаThe Hotei and BIG BUDDHA it Wat Phra Yai it the Big Buddha

So in English, Thai and Russian languages the name of a statue of the big Buddha sounds. Traditionally here carry tourists of all countries, therefore photos on its background are at people worldwide. The birth of this huge statue has occurred in 1972.

      On the basic handrail of a ladder beautiful snakes-dragons from top to down “slip”. The steps conducting to a statue of the Big Buddha, are laid out by a tile. Over a complex planes low enough fly by – the airport nearby is located.
Статуя Биг Будды на Самуи

      To rise on a platform with the Buddha it is necessary without footwear. Having greeted the big Buddha, it is accepted to take one of wooden sticks which lie on a little table at the left, and to pass from left to right round a statue, taping by turns each bell suspended on perimetre. Thus it is necessary to think of desire which will by all means come true! In a pursuit of miracle it is not necessary to forget about a beautiful kind which opens from a high platform.
Having gone down, it is possible to glance to the monk and having offered some bath, to tie to itself fortunately a bright string. It is said that to remove it does not follow under no circumstances. There are some versions for what it serves. More widespread – for a ward i.e. when “protection” works, the string itself flies from a hand. To pull, fasten back it it is not necessary – it has already served the.

Золотой Будда на Самуи

      On other side from the monk the gold Hotei modestly sits.
A little BOX Donation at the ladder beginning are located not casually. Having made a gift, it is necessary to take a tile and to write on it kind wishes of health to itself and relatives. Later it will be laid on a roof of one of buildings in this complex. Under prayers of monks of the request should be executed.

Большой Будда на Самуи

      Below it is necessary to make finishing “Boom” in a huge gong, and it is possible to go further.

The glorified statue of 12 metres towers on a small islet “Fan” to which the road-dam conducts. Having passed along little shops with souvenirs, clothes and snack, it is possible to appear in its less known part. From the basic stream of tourists amusing figures Here have hidden. Having wandered on shops, inspection of this place usually comes to the end. The same who likes to look at the sea and a beautiful decline go to sit on stones behind a statue of the Buddha or stop on a dam roadside.

Co-ordinates of the Big Buddha: 9.570819,100.059885