Railay Beach Krabi

Railay Beach Krabi

Пляж Рейли Краби      Beautiful beach of a Krabi – the Railay (Railay Beach Krabi). Very few people knows about all its advantages, but everyone who heard about it, wants to visit there. Small virtual excursion should strengthen only desire to visit this place. The same who was on a beach of the Railay with group excursion, too it will be useful to learn, than it is interesting except dizzy kinds Phra Nang.

      Peninsula Railay from a land is hidden by the steep rocks which height reaches 200 metres, therefore to reach it it is possible only on the sea. Pleasant walk by a Thai boat “a longtail” with fantastic landscapes – the successful beginning of travel on marvellous, torn off from the basic world, a beach of the Railay.

Путешествия по островам Остров Краби Поездка на Краби Пляж восточный Рейли лодка
Absence of highways and small distances between beaches on Railay Beach Krabi promote the pedestrian walks. The most beautiful path passes from beach Railay East to Phra Nang. Rocks, grottoes, caves, stalactites accompany the traveller on all way.

Скалы пляжа Пхра Нанг на Рейли Скалы Рейли Тропики Рейли Горы Рейли Пещеры на Рейли Краби Совет да любовь
      But it only a prelude before surrealistic kinds with which surprises a beach a cave of Phra Nang (Phra Nang Cave beach). Islands of freakish forms border horizon, and from the rocks hanging over water, trees which wonderfully keep roots for the bared stones look downwards.
Пхра Нанг пещера пляж КрабиСкалы Рейли
      Soft beach sand forces to be undressed. On it and it would be desirable to walk barefoot. From beach Phra Nang beautiful kinds on the rocky islands which are sticking out of water open. Having settled down in a tree shade, it is not necessary to sit long – the warm, tender sea of unusual turquoise colour will entice to bathe already through pair minutes. Besides, water in it so transparent that from a surface small fishes floating on small depth are visible.Пляж РейлиПхра Нанг Пляж Пещера Пхра Нанг Пхра Нанг Рейли Прананг пляж
      During a low season on coast roll half-metre waves. During a high season the sea quiet, and small outflow bares some islets, doing by their even more fantastic.Полуостров Рейли
      One of high rocks ashore serves as a natural platform where rock-climbers-masters masterly show the skills, and for beginners spend the first trainings. Nearby, from the big tree growing more close to rocks, sometimes on coast monkeys go down.
Скалолаз Рейли Обезьяны на Пхра НангеОбезьяна пляж Прананг
      At the very beginning of Phra Nang Cave beach at one of mountain the well-known Cave of the Princess (Princess Cave) is located. Its second name Tham Phra Nang Nok. It is devoted the Goddess of Fertility. In it in a large quantity symbols a dildo are established. Here come to ask prosperity, abundance and increase in vital energy.
Пещера Принцессы Пещера Принцессы Рейли Тхам Пхра Нанг Нок
      Leaving a beach of Pra Nang, it is not necessary to hurry up. On road necessarily visit still pair of places. The first – a viewing point from which the panoramic kind on east beach (Railay East) and western (Railay West opens).

Сиа вью Западный Рейли Сиа вью Рейли Сиа вью Восточный Рейли
      The second sight – the lake of the Princess hidden from extraneous eyes. And it is valid, having reached to Sa Phra Nang, it is translated from Thai language as Pool of the Sacred Princess, the first that you notice so it is contrast between overflowed beach Phra Nang and almost deserted lagoon. The lake of the Princess, represents a reservoir surrounded with rocky rocks. Depth of pool directly depends on outflow and inflow. So, having visited him during successful time, it is possible to take pleasure in beauty of the slice of the sea mislaid in rocks if there will be an outflow except a small puddle will admire there is nothing. When lake deep, small fishes are found in it and it is possible to bathe.Са Пхра Нанг Бассейн святой принцессы Лагуна Рейли
      This place can involve and the people, loving to reach and overcome, since the way there lies difficult. Going to visit Sa Phra Nang, it is desirable to put on clothes which will not be a pity for throwing out if it does not wash off from an orange ground. Do not plan the campaign after a rain and necessarily rise accompanied with someone.

Смотровая площадка Рейли
      So, we will list everything that it is possible to look on peninsula of the Railay: four beaches Phra Nang, Railay East, Railay West and Ton Sai, some viewing points, one lake Sa Phra Nang and two caves Princess Cave and Cave Diamond cave. The peninsula involves rock-climbers of any level, here there are even schools for interested persons to be trained. It will be interesting to make swimming on kayaks or to visit located all in 5 km from coast of the Railay of island Poda (Poda) and Chicken island (Gai – Thai, Chicken Island – English). In the evening bars and restaurants are ready to receive cheerful and carefree visitors. Having a rest which want to remain longer on Railay Beach Krabi will offer the services the hotels different at the price and comfort.Каяки на Рейли Куриный остров Пещеры пляжа Рейли
      And here than beaches of the Railay from each other differ, it is possible to understand, having learnt the description of everyone. So, unlike small Phra Nang, beach Railay West has wide and long on extent a coastal line. In the afternoon of tourists here much less, than on Pra Nange and only by the evening on the Western Railay it becomes populous. All because on a wide plait with soft sand in pleasure to play beach volleyball, football or to try to seize game of the Takro popular in Thais: game by feet with a rigid wattled sword without the aid of hands. More close to a decline, the beach resembles a cinema where spectators, lying on chaise lounges or sitting on sand with beer in hands I observe in the huge sky-screen the most tremendous sunset with bright modulations and fantastic clouds under the form.Западный Рейли Краби Лодки на Западном Рейли Западный Рейли Западный пляж Рейли Закат на западном пляжеЭкскурсии по островам
      The nearest the neighbour of beach Railay West – Ton Sai beach. Its wide sandy coast is surrounded by rocks with caves and grottoes. From the Western Railay on a simple track along rocky rocks it is possible to reach the Ton Sai of minutes for ten. The campaign to it on a wood path can be tightened to a half an hour, plus on a way expects a steep slope in a hill. Territorially it is in the northwest of peninsula of the Railay. It is considered that the Ton Sai the most silent of four beaches. Here comfortably simply to be engaged in reading, to swim for a while, sunbathe, and also to receive lessons at school of rock-climbing and to apply skills here, on specially equipped slope of a rock. And, nevertheless, Ton Sai beach is not a wild beach – the bars located here, restaurants and hotels also wait for the clients.
Пляж Тон Сай Песок на пляже Рейли Скалолаз Краби
      Crossing peninsula from the Western beach to East beach, visit cave Diamond cave (Tham Pranangnai). The highest point of the arches – 25 metres is long the Diamond cave of only 185 metres, and. Its review will occupy not so a lot of time, but to glance there nevertheless costs.
Тхам Пранангнай Алмазная пещераАлмазная пещера - сталактиты
      It is very convenient that corridors and hall Diamond cave are shined, and it is necessary to move on the equal bridge with a handrail. So safe enough walk with kinds on stalactites, boulders, and also on sparkling from light of bulbs a slope is necessary to the traveller.
Диамонд кейв Диамонд кейв Рейли Тхам Пхра нанг най Даймонд кейв Краби Тхам Пранангнай Рейли
      Under a ceiling, as well as in many caves, there live bats. By the evening they quicken, and the cave is filled with mouse din. But to be afraid of them it is not necessary: they always huddle on the top. Tham Pranangnai uses not such popularity as beaches Railay West and Phra Nang, therefore the meeting with other tourists here occurs seldom enough.Летучие мыши в Алмазной пещере Алмазная пещера Рейли
      And at last, small digression on the fourth of beaches of peninsula of the Railay – Railay East. Many heard that it is a beach on which during outflow of visitors of expensive hotel from a boat deliver tractors in the trailer. It is a naked truth: when water leaves on hundreds metres from a concrete pier, on oozy coast of East beach go a tractor. The same who travels independently go to boats on foot.
Восточный пляж Рейли Пляж Рейли в прилив Отлив на Восточном пляже Рейли Восточный Рейли трактор
      But supervision over huge cars not the only thing that involves here tourists. In the evenings Railay East the place for parties on the Railay turns. While on the western beach decline viewing comes to an end, on East beach mass fun types the turns. Bars, restaurants with Fair-show and live music entice visitors of the Railay who has arrived here from every corner of the globe, creating comfortable atmosphere for international dialogue.
By the right of Railay Beach Krabi deserves the big attention to itself, than to it render during group excursions. Services of the individual guide for acquaintance to peninsula of the Railay will be more pertinent.

Co-ordinates of the Railay: 8.006962,98.839788

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