Playground on Samui

Playground on Samui

Дети на площадке. Самуи Чавенг      Many tourists having a rest arrived on island of Samui want to keep the physical shape, without typing superfluous kgs on rest. In many respects the climate and an abundance of fruit promotes it. Sea air and equal beaches call in the mornings on easy jog. Some hotels offer for the clients fitness the centres, gyms and hire of water equipment. And in such as Santiburi Beach Resorts, there is even own golf course.

      But what to do, if your hotel not at such level, and to go in for sports at you the tasty Thai meal, exotic fruit and the alcohol drunk the day before in holiday have not beaten off desire? To your attention and the full order on a beach a Chaweng opposite to lake, without reaching Reggae Pab, there is a free playground on Samui. It is executed in modern style with a qualitative artificial covering. In platform territory there are basketball rings, a volleyball net and football gate. All three sports are located on the home field, therefore it is possible to be engaged simultaneously, without disturbing each other.


Детская площадка на Чавенге Самуи

      The playground on Samui round the clock works, but most of all to the people for Samui gathers in the morning and after 4 evenings when the sun is less active and it is possible to give physical activity for an organism. Very often on a platform Europeans for game in volleyball or basketball, and in the evening unconditional favourites Thais who play the core in football or the Takro – Thai game by a plastic wattled ball gather. If you are able to play one of these three sports or want to try, you with pleasure take in the team.

Co-ordinates  playground on Samui : 9.525256,100.05778

Футбольное поле на Самуи

Спортивная площадка на Самуи