New Big Buddha in mountains of Samui

New Big Buddha in mountains of Samui

Как доехать до Будды в горах Самуи      Highly highly in mountains of island of Samui Big Buddha as it still local names New Buddha, but not many tourists has settled down, having visited on island, guess its existence therefore as the road to it conducts difficult. Visiting of this temple offers in the program a safari jeep on Samui, positioning it as extreme driving on jeeps on island jungle. But if you well enough and confidently go by a motorbike I will tell to you later about road on which it is possible to make this trip independently with the minimum risk.        And personally my opinion, by the car not equipped with a full drive and a high road clearance it is better not to try to pass to Big Buddha in mountains. Throughout a route road sometimes washes away rains and to go round washouts by time it is possible only operating a motorbike. The matter is that with a view of economy Thais mountain tracks fill in with concrete only on a track and one of them on some site can be destroyed. By the car with a low gleam to pass through such site it will not turn out, and to be developed it will not be presented possible.

Новый Биг Будда в горах Самуи Статуя Будды в горах Самуи

      So, the new Big Buddha in mountains of island of Samui is an operating Buddhist temple and continuing to be under construction on donations and at the expense of the state. Now in its territory cells for monks, a viewing point are constructed, the lying Buddha, and also is under construction a museum to the king of Thailand. After end of building of a museum it will be not only the most beautiful building with long-term history of Thailand, but also a magnificent viewing point on its roof. After all even at a stage of building monks allow to rise upward therefore as this really unique place where the island review on 360 degrees opens, allowing to estimate the eyes scales of Samui. 

Биг Будда и смотровая площадка на Самуи

      Now I will tell to you how easier and most safely to reach the new Big Buddha in mountains of Samui. This complex is located practically in the centre of island and to get to Big Buddha is possible from any beach, but is better to rise from a beach Lamai.

Обзорная площадка на Самуи

      From a beach Lamais are conducted also by two roads. On one of them, passing through Magic garden, there go jeeps, carrying tourists at excursion. The big wheels they often break it, baring sharp stones and hollowing out the big ditches. The second road begins far in the heart of a beach Lamais where Thai streets (soi) come to an end. Here turn co-ordinates to a temple in mountains (9.484577,100.026398). There as the reference point is index Big Buddha. Recently forces of monks it is road has been restored, and dangerous sites are filled in by concrete. On this road you should pass 4,1 km anywhere without turning off to the very top Cамуйского a ridge while you will not get to to the T-shaped fork. On it you turn on the left and through 850 metres at the left and there will be a new Big Buddha in mountains of Samui (9.501699,100.005004).

Смотровая площадка в горах Самуи  Карта проезда к Биг Будде

      Good to you than rest and is more careful on roads to mountains of Samui!