Magic Garden Samui Thailand

Magic Garden Samui Thailand

Меджик гарден Самуи      Bird about human growth, the Buddha in different shapes, mythical lions and other characters Magic Garden cut from a stone, grasp all attention and clear up interest to a new meeting, after all it is difficult to foresee, who else will manage to be made out.

      Despite the magic name, a garden has quite terrestrial origin. The talented farmer Nim Thongsuk living on Samui is involved in its creation. It has won honouring and respect even before garden occurrence. Being the pioneer of agricultural activity, he has devoted a lot of time to durian cultivation. At leisure he liked to visit the park located near the house.

Мейджик гарден Самуи magic garden samui
      He has started to create a magic garden of the Buddha in 1976 when at the age of 77 years it wanted to him to share with all people this fine find. Taking in a journeyman of several assistants, Nim Thongsuk began to model from a stone of a statue of the Buddha, sacred deities and different terrestrial inhabitants.

Девушка в Мейджик гарден Самуи Магический сад Самуи
      The farmer continued to work till the end of life, up to the 91 anniversary. To pay a tribute to the unsurpassed master a crypt in which Nim Thongsuk with the spouse are based, have arranged in park territory.
So, wishing to embody the dream and to construct a strange garden of sculptures, mister Nim and has created the Magic garden of the Buddha on Samui.

magic garden Самуи Скульптуры в мейджик гарден
      This sight of Samui is filled by mystery and mysteriousness atmosphere. Stone figures, arise before eyes unexpectedly. The fishes who have grown with a moss, turtles and frogs as if masking, merge with park vegetation. In a small arbour in the middle of park the mushroom silhouette is learnt. 

Гриб в магическом саде Самуи Орел в Мейджик гарден Самуи
      The magic garden of the Buddha stores memory of the founder, pleasing visitors of island. The park not only does not lose the urgency, but also finds new traditions: so for quite some time now some of sculptures began to leave coins on good luck, health and riches.
Do not hurry up to an exit from park, take a walk longer that nobody to pass and all to consider!

Лягушка в магическом саду Самуи
      There is a park highly on grief Khao Po, without getting to Paradise Park Farm Samui. An entrance in park paid – 80 bath. Business hours – from 9.00 till.

Co-ordinates Magic garden: 9.483215,99.994544
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