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Laem Pho Mollusk Fossil Site | Fossil Shell Cemetery

Last updated on September 29

Кладбище окаменелых ракушек      In national park of a Krabi, which is near Laem Pho small village (Baan Laem Pho) in Ban Ao Nammao near an Ao Nang, the layer of limestone in the size about 200 metres at length and 50 at width with the most ancient minerals lies. It was generated from deposits of the died off bowls the majority from which are snails of the round form nearby 2 see to the Cockleshells which by miracle have remained in these deposits, under the different data is from 40 to 75 million years!
At first sight layers remind the usual flat stones which have broken up on edge of coast. And only knowing history of these deposits, it is possible to like deeply a spirit of the age and to see the remote past.

       Layers of a fossilized layer of a cemetery of cockleshells Susan Hoi were created gradually. In the top part the layer was formed of the molluscs which have collected and cemented among themselves by a silicon matter, having generated rocky breed nearby 40 the layer Following under it see became one of kinds of coal which brown coal is called, and makes a thickness of 10 centimetres. More low, brown coal, represents a slate layer. On character of breed and its formation it is possible to count up that it has been generated about 75 million years ago.

Кладбище ракушек Окаменелые моллюски
      During that period Laem Pho was boggy area, weights of the fallen down foliage have generated so-called type of brown coal. During later periods in a boggy zone there was a set of kinds of the bowls living in fresh water and which have bred in millions. But notable changes have occurred much later when the boggy district was filled in with sea water and bowls have died out. Silicon has cemented them together, having formed breed structure.

Кладбище брюхоногих Краби Лаем Пхо Ископаемые моллюски
      The evolution occurring on the Earth, shifted parts of this rock above sea level, having formed as a result the phenomenon which can be observed today. Under the available data of a cemetery of cockleshells of the same plan in the whole world are only in three places: one in state of Chicago, the USA, the second in Japan and the third in Laem Pho, Thailand.

Музей ракушек Лаем Пхо Краби
      Susan Hoi – a place not so much entertainment, how many shakes by the mullions-strong history: to think only, today we personally can observe remains gastropod (snails) living on our planet 75 million years ago! Such contact of times simply does not go in. It is not obligatory to be the geologist or the archeologist to admire this historical sight of a Krabi.
Кладбище ракушек Краби
       Near to reserve the market on which has traditionally settled down it is possible to get products from cockleshells and, certainly, to be treated with Thai national dishes. Pleasant and informative walk!  

       Co-ordinates of a museum of cockleshells of a Krabi: 8.022515,98.88309