Krabi Town

Krabi Town

Лучшие места Краби      Krabi the Town – an administrative centre of the resort of a Krabi well-known for the whole world. A city free from mass invasion of tourists. It is distinguished by presence of large educational institutions and other municipal buildings instead of habitual tour agencies in resort zones and gift shops. Mainly working Thais occupy Krabi Town, and absolutely small share is necessary on tourists. Krabi of visitors of Thailand arriving to the airport a transfer carry on a province: a bay an Ao Nang, a beach of the Railay, island of Phi Phi and other.
It having appeared in a city, it is not necessary to miss, therefore as is what to look in a Krabi.
Krabi sightseeing tour we will begin with small, but important specification: the Thai word “Krabi” only is conformable with Russian “crabs”. Exact translation of this word means “Sword”.

The guidebook on Krabi Town
Monument to the Crab – one of cards Krabi Town. This known sight of a Krabi is on landing stage at a gulf on Utarakit Road. The sculpture consists from large, average and several small crabs. Claws and backs at many of them are rubbed to shine. And all because that everyone who does a photo for memory touches figures. Here always enough of the people, wishing to be photographed, and as a result the small turn is often formed.

At once behind a monument from landing stage to water the concrete ladder conducts. At water on a shallow the present live crabs have settled down. Their distinctive feature – a huge oranzhevo-white claw. It is interesting to observe for a crabs in their habitat.
Краби в Таиланде
One more symbol of a Krabi, rocks “Twins” are. Them also it is visible from quay at a monument to the Crab. From the landing stage suggest to make boat walk.Краби таун достопримечательности Прогулки на лодке по Краби
And, perhaps, in few places in Thailand, it is possible to see such unusual traffic lights, as in a Krabi the Town. On high columns in the middle of crossroads in the main street Maharaj Road, traffic lights support huge figures of elephants, an eagle, saber-toothed tigers and the Neanderthal man. If there is a possibility, it is necessary to find necessarily time to photograph this beauty.
Краби светофоры Светофоры в Краби Перекресток в Краби тауне Что посмотреть в Краби
Interesting places in a Krabi not only what it is possible to look, but also where with pleasure it is possible to have a rest. The best vacation spot in Krabi Town is the city park occupying the enormous space. In its territory settle down: small lake, a fine children’s playground, set of apparatuses and some playgrounds such, as football, basketball. The park is in a shade of high trees, therefore here it is pleasant to spend time all family even in midday heat.
Городской парк Краби В Краби парки для детейСпортивные тренажеры в Краби Стадион в Краби
The park is divided into zones. In one of them there is an Art workshop open-air. On any subjects here it is possible to get a figure or a canvas, and in loading to receive paints, brushes and a glass of water for their wetting. With all this good, the hospitable saleswoman will suggest to settle down on a laying with a small little table. Time spent behind colouring, flies by is interesting and imperceptibly quickly. In the end, the painted figure varnish, paternal it becomes similar on porcelain. The ready hand-made article can be taken away home. There Is such pleasure from 40 to 200 bath, depending on the size of the chosen figure, all the rest stands out free of charge.

Арт мастерская КрабиРазвлечения для детей в Краби В Краби с ребенком Детский парк в Краби Парк Краби
Inquisitive kiddies can like an informative corner where children acquaint with letters and figures of English and Thai alphabets. Near to each letter there is a colourful figure of an animal or a subject which name begins with this letter. The cheerful alphabet has settled down at the edge of park.

Детские горки и качели в КрабиТоп лучших мест достопримечательностей Краби Отдых в Краби Куда сходить в Краби
The city park adjoins to long quay. Inexpensive Thai small restaurants and shops nearby have conveniently settled down. Along one of paths of park shops offer fruit, juice and water. The shop works for a zone with the alphabet 7/11. Here it is safely possible to arrive on all the day with a family and fine to spend time!
Набережная в Краби Парк для всей семьи в Краби
There are more many interesting places which can be visited in a Krabi city: interesting Thai temples, including known White temple Wat Kaew Korawaram, the Chinese temples, a monument with elephants, Catholic church.

Храм Каев Краби
Ват Кео Кораварам Краби Белый храм Краби Белый храм в Краби. Статуя тигра
Памятники, храмы, парки, набережная в Краби      Quite often there are pedestals in sea subjects. Besides, every year infrastructure Krabi Town becomes better: for quite some time now here there is a big, beautiful and modern Krabi international hospital.

Visit sights of a Krabi of the Town is a worthy combination to other known resort sights of a Krabi!

Co-ordinates of a monument to a crab: 8.06729,98.917076
Park co-ordinates: 8.052505,98.919128
Co-ordinates of temple Kaew Korawaram: 8.062942,98.914896