Khao Sok and lake Cheo Lan

Khao Sok and lake Cheo Lan

Карта Као СокKhao Sok national park of Thailand

       In a province of Surattani, on an isthmus between gulf of Siam and Andaman sea, the surprising National park under the name Khao Sok has settled down. Distance to it from regional centre Suratthani about 120 km, from Phuket – 160 km. National park Kao Sok is in a place far from tourist resorts, but on responses is one of popular excursion routes.

Као Сок

       Scales Kao Sok allow to speak about it, as about one of the largest in Thailand national park: its area makes 739! The map of park Khao Sok schematically shows a lake Cheo Lan and sight arrangement. That it is also most to the most ancient on a planet, scientists asserting testify that the National park Khao Sok has appeared about 160 million years ago.

      For so impressive period of time tropical jungle has occupied set of representatives of fauna: about fifty kinds animal, two hundreds versions of birds, and also thousand butterflies and insects. It is considered that younger woods of Amazon concede on a fauna and flora version to National park in Kingdom Thailand.

       Walking on reserve Khao Sok, it is possible to observe karstic mountains grasping spirit, marvellous falls, 50-metre trees, mangrove thickets, fantastic caves, bamboo woods, fine lakes, the long rivers till the extents originating in mountains and forming in valleys of a creek and thresholds, and also a large quantity of animals and birds.

      Highlight of natural reserve the Khao Sok is the big flower of Rafflesia (Rafflesia Kerrii). This giant, in diameter to 1 metre and weight to 10 kg, grows in a certain season and to find it, even with an explorer hardly.
Флора и фауна Као СокЧео Лан пещеры

Као Сок плотина

Lake Cheo Lan and dam of Ratchaprapa

      Wishing to see a place which completely would turn representation about natural beauty, it is necessary to go on walk on fresh-water lake Cheo Lan which is located in territory of park Khao Sok. It has 165 sq. km of the area and reaches 150 metre depths.

      This man-made creation has appeared in 1982, as a result of building 94 metre dams of Ratchaprapa. By order of the King of Thailand, construction Ratchprapha dam, a dyne of 761 metre, has been created in reserve for fresh water accumulation. Everything that was in a valley of karstic mountains, in due course has been flooded. So the water basin of Cheo Lan was formed in park Khao Sok. From a survey platform the smart kind on dam Ratchprapha dam and hydroelectric power station opens.

Ратчапрапа дамба

      Travel on lake Cheow Lan is made by a Thai boat which is called long-tail (a long tail). “The longtail” with a canopy from the sun and the motor, copes the local resident – the expert on these places. It having appeared in this country, it is better to choose the full route including visiting of two caves, located in different parts of lake. The five-hour trip not so is tiresome, as can seem. All that drivings by a Thai boat alternate with walk on jungle and visiting of caves Pa Ka Rung Cave and Pra Kay Petch Cave.
ЛонгтейлВодохранилище в парке Као Сок
      The way begins c a mooring, by a dam of Ratchaprapa, withdraws deep into lakes. In ten minutes long-tail takes the passengers in immediate proximity from karstic mountains. Reaching thousand metres in height, they practically to the utmost tower over a lake smooth surface. Thanks to transparent water, their freakish forms can be made out and on some metres under water – it is equal on so much how much the sunlight can make the way through thicknesses of water. Karstic rocks – peaked, with set of grottoes – are formed of the calcareous breeds washed away by water and blown by a wind. Not the rocks similar against each other hanging over Cheow Lan, on all way draw to themselves a sight. 

Карстовые горы Чео Лан

      On the way to caves along with rocks then there there are islets with dense vegetation and the dried up tops of trees stick out. All it perfectly is in harmony and creates a unique landscape which is not enough with what it is possible to compare.

Парк Као Сок и озеро Чео ЛанЧео Лан
Као Сок озеро Чео Лан

Caves Pa Ka Rung Cave and Pra Kej Petch Cave, a gulf Babble

       Having left behind village on water, the boat moors to a land. The footpath located in jungle, deduces to small lake. There on long rafts from a bamboo it is necessary to be forwarded to cave Pa Ka Rung Cave. In a cave stalactites and stalagmites of different forms and the sizes. Their natural feature consists that they have unusual outgrowths that does their similar to sea corals. Such miracle in few places can meet.
Па Ка Рунг пещераПещеры в парке Као Сок
      Cave Pra Kay Petch Cave differs from the predecessor. “The longtail” takes to an input in a cave. It is interesting to investigate it independently, without the guide. Some courses deduce outside at once to water or on a platform which is highly over lake. In a lagoon at an input in a cave it is possible to bathe. The offer to dive into warm, fresh, transparent water is accepted with pleasure.
Озеро Чео Лан гротыПра Кэй Петч пещера
Залив Гули на озере Чео Лан

      In a gulf Babble (Guilins Thailand) there are four small rocks. Under special light, in an outline of rocks the profile of the Indian, a hare and everything are distinguishable that will prompt imagination. From an underside this shadow play replaces scenery and turns again to rocks.

Чео Лан деревня на воде

      To test from reading of a set of adjectives and the responses describing National park Khao Sok and lake Cheo Lan, viewing of photos never will present sensations which it is possible seen in live. Having overcome thousand kilometres from the house to Kingdom Thailand, it is better not to refuse to itself pleasure and not to feel sorry for the days spent on a beach, and to visit these surprising places.