Island a Ko Phangan

Island a Ko Phangan

Добраться до Пангана17.03.2013 г.
Day the first.

On a visit to the neighbour a Ko Phangan

We have lived on Samui without small a year by then as our trip on the next island Pangan has taken place. Together with pair a newly-baked newly-married couple on a boat we have arrived to port Tong a Sala just at midday and have got on the deserted streets filled in with a shining sun. Having passed some honeycombs of metres aside, were occupied in cosy hotel Baan Busaba Hotel with pool and restaurant. In the same place rented motorbikes.

Fear takes molehills for mountains

After our settling of time before dark remains not too much, and so much all was to be visited! The sun in Thailand sits down early – hours per seven evenings already enough darkly. To go in the dark on unfamiliar small streets of island a Ko Phangan a silly invention. Therefore we have first of all gone to earlier planned point – to small temple Wat Khao Tham in jungle at top of mountain Khao Kao. To it, judging by a map, the good road should conduct, and it settled down not too far.
Отели Панган
      Having approached on a place where there should be temple Wat Khao Tham, we have come across a barrier. Near to it there was a man-European. Without having uttered words, he diligently tried to untangle wires which the wind has reeled up on a dry branch of a tree. As the barrier has been lifted, and the man did not submit any prohibiting signs to our side, we, having left motorbikes at the left on a parking, have entered on territory.
At first sight this place of island a Ko Phangan seemed oddish – near an arbour-dining room there is a shelf with ware sets under which names, pair of unintelligible indexes, silence, rare meetings with the silent people occupied with household efforts are signed.

Достопримечательности Пангана
      At last we left to temple Wat Khao Tham, and not from a facade, and from back. Not to tell that it has appeared any especial. Probably, the big impression at us remains that has occurred on an exit.
Having wandered in a temple a Ko Phangan and having made some photos, we have come to light. There have noticed Europeans whom with each minute became more and more. Without talking among themselves, they crowded round a temple and did not come inside. Such sensation that the bus with excursion has approached, and people expected, when the others will approach and the guide. So I at first also have thought.

Храмы Панган
      But soon I have understood that there are they not absolutely chaotically: all these people with the stiffened sight, without looking around and speaking to nothing, went towards a temple, i.e. to our party. We really felt heroes of cinema about the zombie. Smiles on persons of some got in our scared consciousness not friendly, and frightening character is faster. Some have been dressed in identical clothes that has pushed on one more thought that, probably, we have got on territory of a psychoclinic and now time of walk of patients. But all began to clear up since the moment as we have noticed lines at ourselves underfoot. Later us at last has reached that round temple Wat Khao Tham the meditation centre (retreat) has settled down.
At the appointed o’clock along the paths traced on sand a retreat volunteers move ahead towards a temple, crossing bare feet slowly and silently. Their sight is directed forward, they do not observe of an event around. And all that they meditate at this time, trying to plunge into itself completely. Uh! What we have lightened!

Центр медитации Панган

Place of world party Full Moon Party

In the evening after a retreat, having replaced children a motorbike at which poorly held brakes, we have gone on the main road straight to the well-known beach of Haad Rin. On road have called in on territory of the second port located on Pangan, ferries on continent whence go. At the left there is an unusual hotel: bungalows are executed in style of ships.
Аренда байков Панган
Пханган Таиланд
      On one of road liftings on a roadside the viewing point with a kind on Samui is constructed. We have stopped to take a detached view of the house. The first year our family has lived in Thailand on a beach of Maenam which is located in northern part of island of Samui. From a house verandah the fine kind on Pangan opened. Observing this picture replaced depending on weather, we have for the first time seen a new foreshortening. It how to get to a picture and to look from it in a room. A little unusually. It is a little – because the landscape, as a matter of fact, identical – on either side of opens a kind on the big island. Unusual comprehension of a return picture was faster.
Вид на Самуи
      To a beach of Haad Rin we have reached already in the dark. The inscription at a parking with a motorbike has forced me to be surprised again to friendly customs of this country. On the tablet in translation into Russian it has been written: a parking in parking territory – it is free, behind territory – 500 bath. Ingeniously! Any interdictions, threats, words the PENALTY (it is obligatory capital letters) as it is accepted in Russia. And, the main thing that it works!
There were we on a beach with white sand, and our feet have sunk in it as if in a sandy dust. So it would not be desirable to leave then from a soft beach on rigid asphalt! Though during carrying out of the party devoted to a full moon, urgently recommend to put on footwear not to be cut about glass from the broken bottles and not to burn, having attacked burning stubs. But this evening parties were not, and we have decided to walk simply to a haunt of vice.
It has appeared that Full Moon Party it is spent in the left part of beach Haad Rin, in its most end. Almost in a rock the bar-organizer of these parties is located. The set of platforms and the closed premises is in its territory. Here it is really possible to clear up. On bar facades huge posters with images of hallucinogenic mushrooms are hanged out. This party is known for the cocktails from them. As well as any drug, this rubbish can put irreparable harm to health. The incorrect dosage can deprive of the person of life in general. So it is not necessary to agree on any binge at all, offered by another’s people. The mistake of one loose night can cross out for the rest of the life.
Less harmful and popular drink here considers a bucket with the ice, filled with Coca-Cola with vodka or rum, well or this sort of cocktail.

Вечеринки Ко Панган
      Though personal experience at me is not present, but about this party I know firsthand. So small specifications from skilled is only separate opinion or coincidence of circumstances. The general picture such as it is described above. Thus I do not argue at all that there is very cheerful!

18.03.2013 г.
Day of the second.

Dried falls Phaeng Noi

For a breakfast we left in small restaurant at hotel. I want to tell about it a little. Possibly, earlier in this premise the garment factory settled down. In hotel territory there are shabby dummies which have adapted under supports for colours. Little tables are made of sewing machines with the foot mechanism functioning to this day. And still different trifles specified to us in it. It is amusing to sit at small restaurant and to represent, as on the same place many years ago worked sewing affairs of the master.
Ресторан Панган блог
      After a breakfast we have gone to hotel Baan Busaba pool. That it is divided into two – the adult from a jacuzzi and children’s was convenient. Here especially to write there is nothing. We have simply cheerfully passed away time while our workmates have slept, had breakfast and have given a signal that it is possible to go.

На Панган с ребенком
      What do the travellers coming for couple of days want to visit? It is assured that the set of ideas strongly does not differ. Here and we had a standard list: temples, beaches, falls. Having had time to visit the day before first two points, we have gone in search of falls.
The choice has fallen on known for all Phaeng Noi. Unfortunately, deep falls on Pangan happen only during a season of rains. Our trip was in hot March month, therefore except a stone wall and the tablet we have not found out anything. But I have risen on located nearby I twist a point to which conducts abrupt soil lifting, long on extent. Not to everyone it is allowed to climb up it easily. But what kind on beaches of Pangan and on Samui opens from the huge stones serving by a platform! The spirit grasps!

Панган-водопады Сиа вью
      In territory adjoining to falls there are some cages with animals with whom it is possible to feed. Leaving from a parking, we have noticed in bushes of a monitor lizard of the average sizes. It was my first meeting with a reptile in habitat. Our brave husbands as boys, have rushed behind it, but that has appeared more quickly and has disappeared in bushes. And here the photo for memory of it at us remains.

Парк Панган Варан

Our opening.

Further we have gone on the island north. On Pangan not how on Samui – here there is no ring road. Only on some northern beaches the good road conducts. On the others it is possible to reach on a first coat or on board-taxi. We, certainly, not from those who changes horses on a crossing, therefore have decided to reach on scooters.
Somewhere in mountains before us there was surprising beauty a Chinese temple Chinese temple on a Ko Phangan! From this fantastic temple complex the smart kind on mountains opened! In territory much all interesting – platforms, constructions, statues of deities, a gong. Here it is possible to walk long, taking breath on shops with a charming kind!
Китайский храм Панган
      From the Chinese temple our company has arrived on Haad Thong Reng. The Ultimate goal in this route has been reached. We have left to small restaurant from which the panorama on a small lagoon and open ocean opened. Warm sea air and silence involve here tourists.

Лучшие пляжи Пангана
      On the way back, already approaching on hotel, we have noticed small lake Sweet Water Lake on which the inflatable platform for passage of a route with obstacles has been established. For 600 bath throughout 30 minutes desperate guys and girls in life jackets scramble on platforms on wet ledges. From them it is necessary to jump on inflatable rafts and so on. The show from falling in water in unnatural poses of people, involuntarily raises smiles at casual spectators and friends-fans, despite all understanding of complexity of a route. Here it will be for certain cheerful to people without complexes, that who is not afraid to laugh over itself. Or strong, dexterous and successful, ready to establish a new record on faultless passage of a line for a while and to enter itself on the first lines of a board of records.
Панган развлечения
      In the evening we have gone on the market on which gathers to many people of different nationalities. Under a huge roof near to it some tens tables where it is possible to settle down with the ready meal bought here at restaurant are established. Only from quantity of assortment of cocktails eyes run up: dairy, berry, fruit, vegetable, with honey and other additives. And the meat prepared in a jug on skewers, overturns habitual representation about shish kebabs. Having typed snack, we have gone to a pier.
More close to a decline inhabitants of island a Ko Phangan are pulled together on a platform near port. Here iron training apparatus, children’s hills and a swing, a volleyball net are established. Having broken into groups on interests, Thais play Thai football, are engaged in gymnastics under music or have a bite, having settled down on benches, in arbours and is simple on a beach. Here pleasantly simply to sit, observing of people or the ships.

С ребенком Панган

19.03.2013 г.
Day the third.

In total on slightly

It is a pity, but on a Ko Phangan of a beach with a sand as on Haad Rin, is not present really more. But there are fine lagoons, in which sand, let not such soft, but snow-white. Besides, the further from the south also it is more difficultly expensive, the having less a rest on a beach.
Moving ahead again on the north, we have left to a venue of one more large party – Half Moon Festival. It is necessary to notice that on Pangan mass actions under opened by the sky are spent many. There are that are dated for different phases of the moon – Full Moon, Half Moon, quadro Moon and Black Moon. From the name it is clear, when they pass. And there is Shiva Moon and Swimm pool party. When you have arrived, you necessarily will get on any of these parties. While we were on Pangan, there has passed a party at pool and one of lunar parties was outlined.
Халф муун Панган
      Now it is possible to go on beaches. The first we have visited a bay of Haad Khom. Unlike others, it has reminded a fishing village. It was pleasant to me here, truth, from the centre far. The following beach planned by us settled down in the northeast where we and have gone.
Описание пляжей панган
      The road, as always, has presented us a couple of surprises. At first before our motorbike the monitor lizard – them on Pangan has run across the whole colonies. And then we have come across the series of falls devoted to Kings of Thailand – the Frame IV, the Frame V and another. Steps at them absolutely small, more likely, rivulets with small descents. But it is fine occasion to move down from a hot and dusty line in a shade and to pour over itself fresh cool water.
Then we have stopped to attempt at Thai restaurant. Here too I will tell to steam of words about meal. Mainly on island cook not such spicy food, as on Samui. It is possible to find meat in Thai cafes of Pangan with fried slices of the garlic, seasoned with black pepper, than simply with pepper chilis more likely. Therefore it was a pleasure to order meal!
Having strayed on paths which came to an end far from beaches, we at last have left to Haad Tong Nai Noi and Haad Tong Nai Yai, having visited them serially.

Ко Пханган
      On it our excursions have ended. Next day we have returned on Samui. In the end I will simply express general impression.

From supervision and the facts

Starting with statistics, 70 % of island occupy the mountains covered with rainforests. So this island will be interesting to those who goes by the enduro. The natural natural line for extreme walks with portion of adrenaline waits for the fans. The special technics suggest to rent in every second point of hire of motorbikes at the comprehensible prices. The only thing that can not suffice those who went on mountains of Samui so it is heights. Here 600-metre peak only one, and that short enough. My husband plans to this day on a trip with adherents on Pangan to spend day-other, investigating a hilly terrain.
The motorbikes leased, too have seemed to me more interesting, than on Samui. At the majority of rolling offices on the case of motorbikes flaunts aerography. Styles of drawings, as, however, and drawings different. Looks very advantageously.
Here, perhaps, and all about it to a trip. I hope, I managed to transfer those sensations which can be tested, having visited a Ko Phangan.