I want in holiday to the sea

I want in holiday to the sea

Хочу в отпуск на море      I want in holiday… A familiar phrase? After all many of us ask this question much more often, than we really get out somewhere to the sea, in the warm countries, favourite cities. If the summer has stood out cold, cloudy, and rainy days drop out for the weekend so it is possible to be depressed quickly. In such days it would be desirable to be rolled up in a plaid, in a mug to pour hot tea and to include a favourite film.

       The British scientists and to whom as not it, have found and have proved the best way how to struggle with depression in cold, cloudy weather. Хочу в отпуск на мореThey have revealed that vitamins B1, B6, C and D, and also the positive emotions developing hormones of happiness it is a certain way of struggle against melancholy.

       But how to receive an emotional charge?
All information on world around arrives to us through organs of hearing, sight, sense of smell, touch, and from that as we will adjust this background the picture of our perception will depend. Agree, after all when we are wrapped up in a plaid, we drink hot tea, we feel comfortable heat, we feel taste and aroma of a drink, we hear and we see favourite heroes of a film. And all it has developed thanks to a complex of perception of our feelings.

Хочу в отпуск на мореХочу в отпуск на море      To get rid of melancholy it is necessary to try to be protected from negative emotions or to block some sense organs from receipt of the general negative background.
For example, sitting cloudy day with weight of work pick up comfortable clothes, pour in a favourite mug of coffee and answer itself a question “when I want in holiday”. In the winter at a trip on the to the car, put on warm gloves, include heating of seats or put a warm rug. During a trip to the bus it is possible to listen to pleasant music or to read the good book. An excellent way of struggle against depression playing sports, but do not tyre itself with heavy exercises, fitness, yoga, a trip on a bicycle, jog in sports hall or in the open air quite will approach. Walk in park near the house it too physical activity, walk more, after work walk to steam of stops on foot, pay attention to beautiful places of your city, breathe, fill cages with oxygen and you will feel, as your mood changes.

      Certainly, the most effective method of struggle against depression it to replace conditions, to leave in holiday in the warm countries. About as I want in a holiday on a seashore, you will tell, and will be right. The sea, the sun, warm sand, romantic music, surf noise – all sense organs are involved on reception of positive energy.

      You are overflowed with pleasant emotions, and nothing distracts from harmony with itself.

      If at you long-awaited holiday shortly is planned, look through glossy magazines, esteem sites, blogs and distract itself thought where you would want to go to holiday, look at good, interesting transfers about travel.

      The most important thing in heavy conditions remember that positive emotions always are nearby, it is necessary to understand only with itself, to enter into harmony and to be adjusted on their reception, after all it is the best energizers in the world.

      Open a light way to the life and let in the joyful moments!