Go-cart racing on Samui

Go-cart racing on Samui

Картинг на Самуи      If you have stopped on Samui for example on Bophute, Menam or Fisherman near to you there is one more entertainment it is go-cart racing on Samui (Go Kart Samui). It is necessary to tell a line for go-cart racing here very decent, and the most powerful of maps can accelerate momentum to 125 km/h. At you the big company – arrange competitions and feel the pilot of a racing race car.

      Go-cart racing, despite all its speed, not such dangerous sport. Because of the low centre of gravity and wide wheel base to turn maps it is almost impossible, and in rolling maps the made chippers strengthen stability of the mechanism. All it gives the chance to operate racing car without primary skills of driving. Besides go-cart racing on Samui is presented for different level of preparation of pilots. These are the low-power maps which are accelerating momentum to 40 km/h, middle class to 75 km/h and sports race cars for professionals with the maximum speed of 125 km/h. Besides, if you all the same are not assured of the forces, there are cars for two persons and you can act in a role of the navigator.

Старт картинга Самуи

Гараж картинга острова Самуи

      Go-cart racing on Samui is in area Bophuta and it is very easy for finding, therefore as it is located directly on main road (a ring highway of island). If you go from shopping centre BigS towards Menam after a traffic light on  Fisherman  and refuellings PTT through pair hundreds metres at the left you will see signboard Go Kart Samui. Business hours since 9 mornings till 9 evenings.

Cost 10 minute trips depends on a class and power of go-cart racing:

Low-power (40 km/h) – 600 bath;

Average (75km/ch)-700 a bath;

Powerful (125 km/h) – 1000 bath;

Double maps-1000 a bath.

The arrangement address: 101/2 Moo 1, Tambon (Ring Road) Bo Phut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, 84320 Thailand

Co-ordinates: 9.559205,100.024201

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