Funny notes

Funny notes

In life, there are funny moments, words, phrases. And well, when there is a camera … In the category “Funny notes” you can find photos taken on the streets of Thailand, well, a couple – on the way to Tai.

Смешные заметки Геи

On a photo – participants of competition of Ms. Phuket, organised within the limits of festival Bike week in April, 2013 in Thailand. The signature – words from a song.





Смешные заметки Оливки

The jar of olives bought in a Thai supermarket. 2012г.




Смешные заметки Объявление

The announcement in hotel of Phuket. 2013г.






Смешные заметки Запрет

Labels in a tourist minibass of Samui. 2010г.








Смешные заметки Девушки

On a photo: models at an exhibition organised at festival Bike week, Samui in May 2013г.








Смешные заметки Купон

The announcement at restaurant at hotel on Phuket. April, 2013г.




Смешные заметки Вода

The crane at street restaurant on a mountain. Samui, 2010г.









Смешные заметки Реклама

The announcement in shop of bags on walking street, Chaweng. Samui, November 2013г.

Смешные заметки Туалет

At the site of the destroyed building. Koh Samui, January 2013.






Смешные заметки Меню

Board with the menu outside the restaurant on walking street. Chayveng, Koh Samui,

Смешные заметки Буквы

Log page photo. The airport, Beijing, 2009г.


Смешные заметки Шлагбаум

Sign Carefully: a barrier!. Malaysia, Penang, May 2013г.