Flooded cave Tham Sra Kaeo

Flooded cave Tham Sra Kaeo

Пещера под водой в Краби      Flooded cave Tham Sra Kaeo is the deepest in Thailand. It is completely latent under water, therefore to visit it it is possible only being the diver. However and without immersing it is a place it can be interesting to fans of not tourist sights of a Krabi.

      Tourists near Tham Sra Kaeo really you will not meet. It seems to much that visiting of a cave without divings can appear uninteresting. However it is not necessary to hurry up with conclusions. The surrounding nature is beautiful. Thanks to set of deepenings at the basis of karstic mountains-giants, the impression is made as if they soars over the earth. Lianas hang down from rocks over reservoirs as a curtain… With freakish natural compositions here unequivocally it will be pleasant to Judges of quiet places. 
Пещера Там Сра Каео Краби
      The cave of Sra Kaeo has two inputs which of 84 metres incorporate on depth. Having approached to any of them it is fashionable to see nothing a remarkable reservoir with fresh water. So local residents also considered, bathing in them, there were no yet people with aqualungs.
Пещера для дайвинга Сра Каео в Краби
      In 1993 the secret of lakes has started to reveal gradually. That year the first expedition managed to plunge on 120 metres. During that immersing just the corridor connecting both inputs also has been found. After more than ten years, in 2006 cave Sra Kaeo has been investigated to the maximum 240-metre depth.

Тхам Са Каео Краби
      Despite this opening, selectors of underwater adventures do not need to despair. The cave of Sra Kaeo has some lateral branches which remained not investigated. There is an assumption that the reached depth can appear not in definitive figure. Therefore this place continues to involve both group expeditions, and divers-odinochnikov.

Затопленная пещера в Краби
      Few caves of a Krabi, as well as in any other province of Thailand, have inspectors. Cave Sra Kaeo just also concerns to seldom visited. It is necessary to remember it, both before immersing, and during cave inspection from within. In case of danger of the help will wait not whence. And without corresponding skill skilled divers categorically do not advise to people to dive. The eloquent inscription on the tablet which have placed under water, says:
Prevent your death
Go No Further
unless trained
in cave diving
Many open water divers
(even instructors have died attempting to dive cave)
Please heed warning
In translation from English it sounds as the prevention for those who is not trained for immersings in caves, and also here is mentioned  destruction of instructors which plunged into a cave. Therefore, please, listen to the prevention. A cave of Sra Kaeo of a KrabiПещера Са Каео Краби

      Near to a place where the cave of Sra Kaev is located, there is a picturesque rock. In one of deepenings boxes were formed. This place has attracted at once to Thais and became the next spiritual mass.Опасно затопленная пещера Краби
      The picturesque landscapes surrounding reservoirs have for walks. The thrown constructions, lianas hanging down over water and deepenings in rocks easily can become the most interesting scenery for remembered photosession in jungle of Thailand.
Достопримечательности Краби. Пещеры Скалы пещеры Краби