Bus station in Krabi

Bus station in Krabi

Автобусы в терминале на КрабиThe Krabi a town is the regional centre of a province and consequently besides the airport here there is still a bus station (bus station). From here it is possible to leave by the bus and a minibass practically in any corner of southern Thailand, including kingdom Bangkok capital. The bus station is very conveniently located in a Krabi and is practically on departure from a city on turn in 90 degrees.

  In the basic directions, such as Bangkok, a Hua Hin, the Hat Yai goes the big comfortable buses, and between small cities minibasses go, overcoming short distances for the minimum time. From Krabi road service station it is possible to reach and to an Ao Nang of all for 60 bath from the person, having bought the ticket for a minibus in road service station cash desk. From a Krabi to tourist small town an Ao Nang of 20 km so it is very cheap, in comparison with the prices for a taxi.

Автобус с Краби до Ао Нанга

  If you have arrived to a Krabi and plan to move on a motorbike at your service on the area before an input in a road service station building offer in rent mopeds of type Fino or Scoopy. You can specify cost and a lease term by phone in a photo.

Аренда байков на автобусной станции в Краби

  In the Krabi a town not so many rolling points of motorcycles, therefore if will not suit you a condition it makes sense to reach to an Ao Nang on a minibus and there already to take off a motorbike, the blessing in tourist places with it everything is all right.

Bus station Krabi

  Besides, I want to pay your attention that the bus is public transport and object of swindlers and thieves so do not leave the valuable things without supervision, keep them around and do not hand over them in left-luggage offices and luggage compartments of buses. Cases of plunder of money and valuable things at foreigners lately have become frequent. So, for example, in June there was a theft of the large sum of money at the tourist following from Surattani to Bangkok by carrier Fortune. Money has been stolen from a bag which are in a luggage compartment of the bus, without delay it was not possible to open a crime.

Минибас с автобусной станции Краби

  If you have some hours per a Krabi in expectation of your flight, you can spend them with advantage and visit some sights of a Krabi of a town, such as the White temple of Vat Keu, a sculpture of elephants, to look at amusing traffic lights of a Krabi or to be photographed at a statue of a bronze crab.

Расписание автобусов в Краби

  Coordinates bus station Krabi – 8.099499,98.906533

Pleasant travel!