Temple near Krabi Wat Suwan Kuha

Temple near Krabi Wat Suwan Kuha

Ват Суван Куха    Buddhist temple-cave Wat Suwan Kuha meets the travellers on road from a Krabi to Phuket. There is this sight in a province a Phang nga. It still name a cave of monkeys. From here it is easy to guess with whom necessarily there it is necessary to meet. However, the cave Wat Suwan Kuha has got popularity not only thanks to primacies.

      The first mention about Wat Suwan Kuha has appeared – May, second, 1890. That day, Its Majesty King Chulalongkorn (the king the Frame V) on the trip to Malaysia, has stopped here nearby 2:00 nights to visit Wat Suwan KUHA and cut out the initials on an internal wall of a cave. So there was a tradition which was continued by the Kings of Thailand visiting this cave. Many other kingpins of Thailand also have traced on a wall the initials in memory of the ​​ visit to monastery Suwan Kuha.
Инициалы Ват Суван Куха
      The only thing for what it is possible to regret that tourists without understanding historical value of inscriptions, continue them to do already from itself. Forbidding tablets do not stop fans to make the autograph therefore there are all new and new records in a format HERE there was I, including in Russian.
Wat Suwan Kuha consists of several caves – the bottom, small cave is still bright, dark and a cave of Crystals.

Пещера кристаллов Ват Суван КухаПещера Суван КухаТемная пещера Ват Суван Куха
      As a whole, this religious sight of a province a Phang nga interesting and unusual. Before an entrance in a cave there is a small area with a tree of desires growing in the middle. Also flights of monkeys in expectation of a food here gather. Near to a platform there are the Thai dealers selling a delicacy for animals and snack with drink for people.

Обезьяны Пханг НгаОбезьяны Ват Суван КухаРынок пещера Пханг Нга
      Cave Wat Suwan Kuha is located in a grotto formed in a break of karstic mountain. As already it has been written above – it is divided into some caves. The lowermost is similar to a huge hall with high ceilings and leaving every which way ladders. In the middle of it there is a main relic – 15-metrova a statue of the Lying Buddha.

Ват Суван Куха Пханг НгаБудда Ват Суван Куха
      Nearby in the niches or on platforms there are statues hardly less. Traditionally here it is possible to find all figures of the Buddha symbolising days of week, and also to receive a leaf with a prediction. In a small cave there is a figure of the ancestor of the Buddhism.
Родоначальник буддизмаНаг Будда Ват Суван КухаКороль Ват Суван Куха
      The big hall shines not only artificial light, but also day. Sun rays get through a huge break and fill this place with magic atmosphere. Often and here monkeys go down from adjoining trees, but to feed them in a temple is strictly forbidden. Therefore with them it is possible to sit simply on a shop in a shade and the damp cool proceeding from caves.
Лежащий БуддаПровинция Пханг Нга
       Road from any resort small town here remote, therefore its visiting will be for certain connected with something else. And, nevertheless, as well as in any unusual place, here it is not necessary to hurry up or come here for a tick. Planning a trip, allocate a minimum hour – ones and a half that there was a possibility without hurrying up to visit all halls and to have a rest, as in due time Kings here had a rest.