Samui: Wat Plai Laem, the Guan Yin and the Hotei

Samui: Wat Plai Laem, the Guan Yin and the Hotei

Золотой Будда на Самуи  Wat Plai Laem – a source of positive power

After six evenings when the sun starts to sit down, in the most beautiful Boat located in the middle of complex Wat Plai Laem, parishioners and monks gather. Keeping for a uniform thread, they begin is melodious to sing prayers. Equal quiet melodies replace each other up to seven o’clock in the evening i.e. until the sun will not disappear at all.

Вера в Азии

      At all without understanding, about what they sing, addressing to the Buddha, under pacifying timbre involuntarily it would be desirable to stop and sit down at a step near a temple. After some minutes, having departed from an easy trance, you start to feel internal calmness and benevolent relations to all around. Here it is good to finish the sated, bright day!

All rest of the time is a place involves with the surprising architecture. The beauty and scales of statues of the Goddess of Mercy – the Guan Yin with eighteen hands and the happy Buddha – Happy Budha, amaze with the greatness.
Addressing to Deities, it is desirable to know a little about their powerful force. So, the Happy Buddha (it still name the Hotei) symbolises pleasure, riches, prosperity, good luck and success. The Hotei always happy, happy and carefree, It relieves of stresses, grieves, anger, pressure, problems and other negative emotions. 

Хотэй на Самуи

      The happy Buddha helps to cope with bad energy and to restore its positive streams.
In the house where It appears, the happiness, well-being and health always come. It is considered also that the Hotei promises the stable income and good profit. To receive an arrangement of this deity, it is necessary to touch to it a stomach. In a local complex it will be made hardly because of the sizes of a sculpture, unlike a figure by the Hotei which is at a statue of the Big Buddha that is located nearby.
Гуань Инь на Самуи

      The following local character is a Goddess the Guan Yin. Its statue it is visible to an entrance on territory of complex Wat Plai Laem. This Goddess symbolises mercy and protection of the ailing. She always took the part of justice. The big Guan Yin by means of corresponding tools which it held in each hand, quickly put things in order. The goddess Mercies (Guan Yin) also is the patroness of a feminine.

Рыба Самуи 

      From its statue praying ask both about protection, and about occurrence of children in a childless family.
All these divine objects are on a water smooth surface of the lake located in territory Wat Plai Laem. From a land to them conduct the paths decorated by a colour tile.
On lake it is possible to sweep on catamarans in the form of swans and to look at a complex absolutely on the other hand.

Домашние птицы

      In territory there are two automatic machines where for 10 bath it is possible to buy a universal forage. Universal because it eat not only every possible fishes and turtles by whom the pond is flooded, but it with the same pleasure is pecked by pigeons, hens and the cocks living here, and also chew dogs and cats. However, the last are too lazy and capricious to be fed from hands.
If to glance in a small arbour that on left side of the path conducting from a statue to the Goddess of Mercy and to a temple it is possible to find out in it a trace of the Buddha.

Голуби в храмах на Самуи

      All this beauty has appeared here in 2004 on money from donations of parishioners. After six years, here have constructed the mausoleum and have placed ashes of the monk-founder of temples of the Big Buddha and Wat Plai Laem.
It is known also that over appearance of a temple more than three years worked artist Khun Jarit Phumdonming. It has worked all to the smallest elements which can be examined hours.

Самуи Ват Плай Лаем

      About this place not so it is interesting to read and study pictures, it looks alive is much more interesting. The only thing on what does not need to be saved, visiting this surprising complex, so it on time spent here.
Wat Plai Laem – one of bright places who will be remembered for a long time!

Co-ordinates: 9.571361,100.067119