Moving from Samui in a Krabi and holiday on a Ko Lanta

Moving from Samui in a Krabi and holiday on a Ko Lanta

Отели все включено на Ко Ланта      During our moving from Samui on a Krabi at us the week which we should spend out of door was formed. From the house which rented on Samui, we have already left, and in the house on a Krabi should call in in seven days. These happy days for us it has been decided to spend on a silent Ko Lanta.

      At night on the eve of moving to anybody from us it was not slept. A meeting with the master of the house which has kindly suggested to bring us on the toyota hilux to a Krabi and should sit down for a wheel, has been appointed to 5 mornings. Minutes for ten-twenty till appointed time we were ready and in pre-dawn darkness listened to each rustle in expectation of the driver. But at Thais it is accepted not to hurry up anywhere, therefore the driver was late for an hour. Already absolutely it is light, when we have gone to a way. С острова Самуи в Краби на машине
Переезд Самуи Краби
      As well as it was planned, in an Ao Nang have approached on a dinner. Having unloaded things in the new house and having said goodbye to the driver, we together with the friend of our family, on motorbikes have gone further – on island Lanta. On road have called in on hot falls of a Krabi and had a rest there to steam of a watch, having taken off weariness from sated first half of day.

Целебные источники Краби
      Travel on a Ko Lanta has proceeded along toward evening. To get over from continent on island Ko Lanta Noi and having passed on it to appear on following island – Ko Lanta Yai, it is necessary to use two ferries. Tickets on both ferries are on sale at once in cash desk before landing. It is not necessary to wait and go long – distances between islands small and it is overcome minutes for five.
Билеты на Ланту Дорогая на Ланту Добраться до Ланты
      It has been decided to visit in guesthouses and the hotels of Ko Lanta noted in advance on booking. Their serial visiting has not given desirable results, therefore lodging for the night search was a little tightened. The choice has fallen on more or less suitable bungalows Lanta Naraya Resort for 480 bath with a breakfast. To find something more worthy have planned next day.
Before departure from island of Samui our son visited a good garden happy teddies on a Bangrak. After a breakfast we have gone in hope to find out a kindergarten on a Ko Lanta. Unfortunately, we suitable have not found anything.

Низкий сезон на Ко Ланте Закрыто на Ланте
      In the heat we with the son remained in a bungalow, and men have gone on a beach and after have gone to search for that would help us to feel really in holiday on a Ko Lanta. As they say, who searches, that will always find, here and guys did not remain without an award for the diligence. They have got to fine hotel Lanta sport resort which manager has allowed an unreal discount! Next day we have called in in Ko Lanta Sport resort.

Ланта Спорт Ресорт
      Two big numbers of all on 720 bath in day have been given our services. For comparison: during the most expensive peak season the price for this number makes 3600 bath in day, in high – 2400 bath, and in low – 1400 bath, therefore we became owners of improbably generous individual discount! The breakfast, the daily cleaning, two bottles of potable water enter into cost daily, using 25 metre pool and even visiting of gym Lanta gym.

Ланта Ресорт Отели на острове Ланта
      Number consists of a living room (living room) with a displayed sofa, bedrooms and separate a shower room and a toilet. From a bedroom an exit on a balcony. From face sheet entrances in numbers are separated by a partition, on the improvised verandah there are wooden armchairs-chaise lounges and a little table. In number two TVs – on one in each room, the refrigerator, the hair dryer, dressing gowns, slippers, a set of hygienic means for a shower. In a bedroom the conditioner is established.

Ресорт с бассейном на Ко Ланте Аренда жилья на Ко Ланте Лучший отель на Ко Ланта Спорт ресорт Ланта Комната с кондиционером Ко Ланта Номера с ванной на Ко Ланте Комнаты в номерах Ко ЛантаДешевый отель на Ко Ланте
      For a breakfast it was standardly possible to order coffee or tea, juice, milk, yoghurt, a banana, mueslis, toasts with oil and jam. For an additional 100 bath, will submit the American or English breakfast. Spirits cocktails in a bar stand from 160 bath.

Завтраки включены на Ко Ланте
      The basic pool long and deep. Regularly in the mornings in it even conducted lessons on diving. Nearby is small for children. To bathe in it it is possible at any time. Nearby two showers, some chaise lounges and umbrellas from the sun are established. On the one hand at adult pool the edge is on a water level, paternal it is poured, forming small falls.

Отель с бассейном на Ко Ланте Отель все включено на Ко Ланта Отели все включено на Ко Ланта
      That territories Ko Lanta Sport Resort is a hall for employment of Muay Thai (Thai boxing). Cost of employment from 400 bath for single visiting. Employment pass with an enviable constancy, despite a low season. There is even a children’s group. Teach a Muay Thai, certainly Thais, an athletic constitution.

Тайбокс на Ко ЛантеМуатай н Ко Ланте Тренировки по боксу Ко Ланта Спорт на Ко Ланте Ринг для бокса на Ланте Тренер по муай тай Ко Ланта Цены на муай тай на Ланте
      My husband with the friend went in for sports, living on Samui, therefore about pleasure have used the offer to visit free of charge gym on a Ko Lanta. Here so we also had a rest almost week in fine Ko Lanta Sport Resort.

Тренажерный зал на Ко Ланте Клуб здоровья Ланта
      On a Ko Lanta we not for the first time, sights and beaches of island are familiar to us. For tone maintenance we have gone to one of evenings in search of a cave and falls. Having approached to assumed tiger cave, instead of it we have found out Tiger Cave Restaurant which any more did not work very long ago. Near the Thai house where, probably, the kitchen settles down there are some arbours with little tables. Hardly further a minifarm of pets and birds. Acquaintance to a rabbit, a parrots, geese and ducks, small fishes, cocks, hens and chickens was necessary to the son to liking. While the senior men investigated adjoining footpaths of mountains of a Ko Lanta, we have glanced in each of cages and have communicated to living creatures. Then the son has gone to shine a small lamp on a crawl and has decided to send on errands chickens. At some instant it has bothered Mum-hen, and it has shown character.
Ресторан тайгер кейв Ко Ланта Поездка на Ланту Питомник Ланта Животные на Ко Ланте Птицы на Ко Ланте
      After such dismantling, the Pasha has climbed on a motorbike and has ordered that it is time to go. We have safely got to to a parking near a cave and falls, but further on foot have not gone. The sun already drooped, and it was necessary to go about thirty minutes. Certainly it is not similar to us – the reason in good rest on a Ko Lanta.
In other day we have visited a beacon in national park a Ko Lanta. The beautiful kind to boundless Andaman sea opens from rock top on which the tower is established. Standing on the brink, the spirit grasps from height over the sea. In the evening on a beacon a Ko Lanta anybody except us was not. We have admired a decline and have returned to hotel.

Закаты на острове ЛантаМаяк на Ко Ланте Башня Ко Ланта Скалы на отстрове Ланта
      Having found out that we have not enough photos from the Old city of Lanta, we have used a case and have once again visited this place. On right side from a pier old town Lanta the modern children’s playground, the sports training apparatus, two fields for ball games – with a green grass and asphalted settled down. Our child in pleasure has spent time on a platform.

Пирс на Ко Ланте Старый город Ко Ланта
      While the Pasha with the father played football, I with our friend have gone on walk on an old city of Ko Lanta. Much of these houses about hundred years. The majority is constructed in the Chinese style. In each of them there is a shop or the small restaurant, the second floor serves as the house for owners. During a low season in streets of a Ko Lanta there are not enough tourists, here and we alone wandered on a small street, accompanied by sights of the started missing sellers and waiters.

Старый город острова Ко Ланта Старые дома на Ко Ланте
      On a way back we have stopped at a cage with a bird a Mynah. She is very clever and expensive bird. At early age it is possible to teach to tell it. They very much are pleasant to me. Here and now in reply to my miaows, the Mynah has accurately said «Savadi kap», and has then repeated «Good morning», than has amused us with all the heart.

Птица майна
      Before the departure we have made still pair of sorties on beaches of a Ko Lanta and one for a supper in the resort centre of island a Saladan. And also during short-term deterioration of weather became witnesses of a small tornado which fortunately was dissolved in clouds, without having caused any harm.
Лучшие пляжи на острове Ко Ланта Ресторан на пляже Ко Ланта Лучшие и безлюдные пляжи Ко Ланты
      Only we visited one place every day is Thai small restaurant Thai Tahta near to hotel Sport Resort Ko Lanta. At dinner we conveniently collapsed in a bamboo arbour and used the free Internet. We were bribed by wide assortment of dishes Thai and European cuisine.
thai-food-lanta Лучшие рестораны на Ко Ланте
      During a low season the Ko Lanta does not fade. Besides that at all it is a lot of tourists, restaurants and bars which work in a mode «open all year», now it is possible to meet in any area of island. The same with guesthouses and hotels.
Some markets and small little shops gain those who has arrived here on long term. On island Lanta there is even a language school in which probably to issue the student’s visa.

Магазины на Ланте Студенческая виза Ко Ланта
      The prices for habitation for a Ko Lanta depending on a season vary not at everything, therefore it is necessary to look for a good variant. Do not reserve at once for all period hotel if you have doubts into its account. Having looked round on a place, it is possible to find to it worthy replacement. At small restaurants cost of dishes considerably above, than in other resorts of Thailand. But also here haste to what. In practice it has appeared that between a Thai dining room and restaurant of a difference is not present or it within ten bath. But at restaurant to eat much more comfortably. Therefore before making a choice, it is necessary to examine neighbouring institutions a few.

Пляж Лонг Бич Ланта, long beach lanta
      Had a rest and happy we have said goodbye to the affable personnel and have gone towards a Krabi-town. After a dinner we with pleasure assorted things in our new house in an Ao Nang!